about me
Hello I'm Reavel. I live in Puerto Rico.
I've a lovely cat girl named Sondag that I rescued in 2008.

the story
I'm currently in love with everything related to South Korea from the food, the dramas, the movies, the music and well pretty much their way of living. Things I'm interested in are art, crafts, music, movies, collecting things and photography. I enjoy traveling and doing DIY projects. Cooking is a hobby for me and I like to learn new recipes.

The information will be post in spanish, english or spanglish. Feel free to leave comments or disclaimers about the page and content of it. Donations are welcome, Thanks!

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You can email me at imreavel[at]gmail[dot]com or or send me a tweet to @reavel.
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You can get some of my works here
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side projects

about the Photos on the blog
I use a Canon Power Shot A640 and Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G camera that haces 8mp. I also have another Canon Power Shot S3 IS and the lens that came with it. I don’t know much about photography but I enjoy taking pictures of the almost everything around me. I share most of my photos via Instagram or Twitpic and you can also get my published photo books.

about the Store & t-shirts
You can buy my handmade items or art at my store. I also've a T-Shirt shop where I sell my artworks on shirts. You might notice that most of them are for women. If you are interested on buying this shirts for kids or on male sizes please contact me to see if this can be arranged. I sometimes do custom shirts so if you have an idea let me know. The shirts are all processed by spreadshirt.com. Their quality is good and the design last for a long time. (please include a link to the item requested on the email so I know what design you want.)

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