Visiting Angel Otero's studio.

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of visiting Angel Otero's studio in Brooklyn. But there is a whole cool story behind this visit. I met Angel a few years ago when he had a solo exhibition in Puerto Rico. After that we actually didn't see each other until I recently boarded a plane from Puerto Rico to New York. 

It was an awesome surprise. I was trying to gather the whole idea of what was going on cause I was still in disbelief saying "No... no.. no.. this is not true." In reality I never believe I would meet up with him ever again since he lives in the states and we lost contact all this years. I sat down on the sit available besides him we talked and we exchanged information. He asked me to visit his studio. Yeah! Been wanting to visit his studio for a long time and it was about time to do this. It just made the trip more significant. I already had some things planned but everything went on hold after this. You don't get to visit an artist studio every day. After the concert that I was going to attend (which is the main reason for flying to NY) this took the 1st spot of "Things to do" while on vacation. After this encounter I knew this trip to New York would be promising. 

Few days later we kept in touch and manage to set a day for the visit. So yes last Tuesday was that day. I planned my trip and was nervous and excited cause it was my first time going to Brooklyn... on train... alone... to a place a never been before. By the way thank you for the motivation to take the step it was liberating.

I finally arrived at Angel's studio around 12PM he introduced me to Ryo and Miguel that work with him but are just like family by now. Nice guys. Ryo is very calmed and concentrated. He magically knows exactly where and what to paint. Miguel is funny and all over the place. I think they complement/balance the pace of the place very well. I didn't get to meet his assistant Mary that day. It was really nice meeting everyone.

Angel explained all the process of the paintings and all the adventures while doing them. It is pretty amazing. I was really glad I went and was able to see his working space. Guys thanks for the awesome time. Here are some photos of the awesome day. I hope that whenever I return to New York I will visit them again. I just hope it doesn't take luck and a few years in between. 

You can visit his website or his works on galleries in ChicagoNew York

Miguel working.

Ryo... painting
Miguel, Angel and Ryo

Angel and ... I. :D