B1A4 Road Trip US: NYC - Ready? (fan account)

October 3rd... I finally got to meet B1A4 and overall attend their concert titled 2014 B1A4 Road Trip US: NYC Live Tour.

My friend and I got there at 8:30 in the morning. Another of our friends was already in the line since 7AM holding our spots with the help of her mom and brother (Thank you). We made it to group of 60 to 70 people in the line. People started arriving at 5:30 AM from what we where told. This was the line before us when we got there.

We stayed there for a few long hours and got to meet some other Banas in line. We talked about many different things. It was nice. Some where updating and taking photos. Other where even studying for school/college or just reading books for pleasure. People noticed our Tshirt. The one we designed exclusively for Puerto Rico Bana attending the concert. People where impressed by us attending from so far away. It was nice that people liked the shirt. We went to Toys'R Us accross the street to use the ladies room.

After a long time waiting I noticed this guy passing that looked just like Sandeul but I said no it can't be so when I tried to double check it was indeed Sandeul and then when I look away there was Baro. I think they where trying to pass by unnoticed. I believed I said his name really low to my friend but it seems I didn't since everyone then noticed them and the manager pull Baro and they started walking fast away from the line. Baro had a camera on his hands and I think he was filming the people in line. He had a smile on his face. He was happy. A lot of people didn't really got to see them or even noticed them cause they where sitting on the "wrong" direction.. (giving their back to the sidewalk... looking at the street or to the front). After that awesome event I was more than happy cause the concert was not going to happen until a few hours but we already knew they where happy to see us there. I'm sure that whenever he went back he told the other guys and they where all happy to see Bana waiting in line for them.

Around 2PM we where finally divided into VIP and the rest of the line that was GA and Mezzanie. While we waited they gave us they check up everyone on that line was indeed a VIP/P1 ticket holder. Then after making sure we where they gave us a red wristband that indicated we where VIP/P1. There was this cute guy giving the wristband. I also saw the director from the Amazing Store Korea concert walking around the venue so I can say that he was in charge of the sound/music and lights. Not sure if anyone else saw him. The musicians where also roaming around the venue getting their smoking break. There was people filming Bana with their fan boards and concert gear. They where asked to say or do something for the boys. (I found out later that it was MNetAmerica and well I knew they will then do a show about B1A4 concert. So they did we have been seens a few clips related to that.)

Finally at 7PM they let us get inside the concert venue. It was mayhem people trying to cut off the line and running. When we finally got to the stage there where people already there. I've no idea how they got there cause if I'm not mistaken they where like behind us in the line. Anyways the people started pushing. There where three Japanese girls (that I'm not sure if they were from any fan sites but it seem they where) and they pushed a lot of people. They also had stools and professional cameras. They pushed me A LOT. It was really annoying to deal with them but I stand my ground and got a good spot.

It was finally 8PM and the concert started. The boys came out from the right side of the stage and everyone went crazy screaming. They showed up with navy blue suit and white pants. They all look so cute and lovely. So gorgeous. It is not a lie that they are handsome. They started with OK and then moved on to Beautiful Target. I don't remember all the songs or the order but I do know they sang Seoul cause I recorded it. It was one of the songs that I most looked forward to and it was so well done that I was really pleased with it. Wonderful Tonight was so good too. I recorded a little bit... mostly CNU's part 'cause all the cameras where in the way. (LOL!)

The boys did a lot of fan service and where all over the stage trying to interact with the crowd. I felt so happy to see that everything I've read was true. Gongchan was amazing he interacted a lot with the crowd. He closed up to the cameras, gave hearts, winks... well he did everything. Baro took charge of talking with the crowd and telling them to "make some noise". Jinyoung I've to give him A for effort. He talked way more in English that I expected and I was really proud of him trying to get on with the crowd. Sandeul it seemed like he was there but also everywhere. I don't know I felt like he was distracted but ALL HIS NOTES where ON POINT. Don't get me wrong he delivered every song the only way he knows how to do it PERFECTLY. CNU helped Baro with the English too and interacting with the crowd. They all gave their best. They all did amazing fan service. 

The other song I looked forward to was Mul HanJan (물 한잔). B1A4 had the whole venue jumping. I was taking photos screaming and jumping cause I love this song. At some point there was a girl that almost fainted. I was holding her with one hand and taking photos with the other. It was kind of crazy. But she got herself together and walked away from the pit on her own.

At some point they "took" us back stage and showed us what they where doing and the place where they hang out before the concert. Baro had a horrible mask and scared Bana. That was cool. 

Jinyoung sang Bob Dillan's "Knocking on Heavens Door" and made Bana sing it with him. The rest of the boys help him out and also asked the crowd to help with the song. Sweet voices all over the place.

Then they all disappeared. They put up a video of them rehearsing for the concert back in Korea. After the rehearsal Baro is calling his girlfriend and then show the girl that was Baro's girl. They where rehearsing and suddenly got a message from his girl. He was sending/replying to her text messages we all figured out was the time to choose a lucky fan from the crowd. They all showed up with a new wardrobe. They sang to her, gave her a teddy bear. Baro sat on the girl's lap and she gave him a hug (kind of) Really lucky. Every time the boys got close to her they all screamed and yell. It was strange to watch. So I really tried to avoid the whole thing. Sorry. Jealous much? YES.

After that they sang a few energetic songs. I think this is where Mul Hanjan was performed. Not sure I don't remember the exact order of the songs. I just know I screamed and jump a lot and took lots of photos. They showed us a dance for a song. I know it had the "ppyoung ppyoung" on it. Really cute. 

They sang Baby Goodnight... 
B1A4: I say Baby.. You say Goodnight.... 
B1A4: BABY!!!!..... 

They you started feeling like it was time to end the concert. There was this huge clock on the side of the stage and I kept track of how much was left. And yes it was almost closing time. After they ended up with Baby Goodnight they left the stage. And of course the Encore game started and after a few minutes of screaming B1A4 even they started screaming B1A4 and told Bana ok where are going now. So they came back on the stage with their Encore wardrobe that was from the merchandise they sold at the venue. As always they song IF and You're my girl.

Now let me stop here. I had this fight at the concert. I felt like an octopus. I had my headband, my fan board, the light stick and the camera. I don't know how I did it but I did manage to use EVERY SINGLE one of them. I was so happy. So by this point since the boys where walking like right in front of us. Gongchan was grabbing fans phones and taking selcas with the crowd. Jinyoung step down from the stage with the instax and also started taking photos with the crowd and giving them to the people on the photos. Both of them are so charming. I do have photos of Gonchan grabbing fans cameras but I've not watermarked them properly. Sorry.

By this time i was like OMG! This kids are so awesome... look how close they are to the fans.  I stopped taking photos and reached up for my already messed up fan board. I wanted CNU to read it. My fan board said Shin Dongwoo (with a bear) & B1A4♥BANA. This... this was like THE MOMENT.. I raised my fan board knowing that CNU was looking at it and this amazing wonderful husband of mine actually saw and read the fan board. He pointed at it. He did hearts to it and did another eye heart to it. So yes MY HUSBAND gave me lots of hearts. How do I know it was for my fan board... cause there where not many fan boards at the venue and mine strictly said his name. So I think that shows that was all for me. Yes!I was creaming like OMG! CNU gave me hearts... why are you so CUTE?!!! He gave my fan board hearts.

I don't know how many eye contacts I made with them but I know that I saw them pretty up close cause they always tried to look fans in the eyes and directly to the cameras that popped up front on the lines. Their skin is really flawless guys. Really well kept skin. Jinyoung smile really melts you and his jawline is no joke. really sharp and strong. Gongchan almond eyes are not to be forgiven never ever. So sweet approaching all fans. Sandeul dude is not chubby at all I don't know why people say he is fat. Let me tell you he is just perfect the way he is. Baro... hands are precious and his skin is also flawless. CNU making those hair flips and biting his lower lips... insane.

As all good things the concert came to and end around 10PM and it was time to gather up all our emotions and leave the venue for good. We walked outside and people where screaming jumping from the excitement of just watching B1A4 perform. They it was time for the Hi-Touch event. We where asked to sit down on the back of the theater and then suddenly they started calling people by the lines and off to the Hi-Touch we went. It all happened so fast. We where supposedly no allowed to give them gifts while on the Hi Touch so I gave mine to the cute guy giving the red wristbands for the VIP thing.

Anyways it was time to meet upfront the guys. Again it was so fast. The security where screaming "Hurry. Just a High five and move" I was like yeah we know that but stop. We saw this table and they where standing behind it. It was dark but it was all good. The first one on the table was Sandeul. Sandeul has strong hands and he did the hi five really hard (yey!). He kind of clapped my hand and I said Hi Thank you! He looked tired but so charming. Then it was Gongchan's turn. This boy looked right in my eyes and hold my hands really tight like making sure he touched your hands. So cute his hands are big. Eyes wide open and smile so grand and simple. Amazing kid. Then uri leader Jinyoung turn was up. He was all smiles and high fiving saying thank you. I said hi thank you. Then it was CNU turn and I went blanks I know he blinked said Thanks I wanted to tell him I love you but trying to look at him and only at him I forgot. I did told him Hi! his hands where strong too. I felt his rings on my hands and I left this earth for a few seconds cause I just touched my husbands hands. Gorgeous hair on point below the cap he had. Then it was Baro's turn. He was happy smiling we high five he said thanks and I don't know why but it seems that it was only then that I remembered to say I Love You so I said it to Baro. (Sorry CNU!). Not a lof of people gave them gifts which is kind of "good" cause I know they will concentrate and the ones they got.

After we did the high touch it was already like 10:30PM. We where taken out side the venue and everyone was spazzing all over the place. My friend started crying and she was having a moments so I took her to the nearest Walgreens and got her something so she could put herself back together. Then we went back to the venue only to find out the boys where about to leave. So we stayed around since we where waiting for our ride back home. The security where playing with the doors and teasing fans all that time. Their van was parked on the street. Then we heard that maybe they would be coming out from the side of the building and not from where everyone was waiting.

My friend and I then crossed the street and waited with our camera ready. I was watching inside the part where they boys would be coming out and well they actually did come out. I have the photos of the members getting inside the van but I have not watermarked it. We then crossed the street again and followed the van. Gongchan was already waving at the fans from the spot we where before and when the van moved Jinyoung joined him. The police where screaming "Get out of the street" and so we did. Then the van parked in front of where the rest of the people where waiting. I lot of them had left but since we stayed we managed to see Jinyoung and Gongchan still waving to fans and throwing kisses at us. CNU, Baro and Sandeul waved too but you can really tell they where exhausted.

Now after attending this AMAZING concert all I can say is that if you ever get the chance to attend any of B1A4 Live performances please do so. You wont regret it. There is no perfect concert but there are perfect performances and showmanship and this concert is a testament to that. I will now save for whenever B1A4 decides to go back to New York cause I won't miss it for anything in this world. The whole concert was a really pleasing but surreal experience that I would lovely do again ONLY for B1A4.

I already uploaded some of the photos.
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