I'm going to see them!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I shall make it up to you guys later on. I need to take some time and post all the awesome stuff I got for my vinyl toys collection and my B1A4 collection. Besides that my life haven't change a lot. Still the same old story. Not much to do. Not much to say.

Anyways... to the important part. I am going to see B1A4 LIVE. I will be traveling to NYC next October to attend their B1A4 2014 Road Trip to US -Ready?. This is their first stop of four they will be doing in USA. They are also going to Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco. I always said I would never get the chance to see them perform live unless I went to Korea or if they travel to NYC. I was actually expecting they will visit NYC next year 2015 but they had other plans. 

I will be traveling with a friend. Once we get there we will meet at the venue other local fans from Puerto Rico. I got VIP tickets that if you ask me are the best $205 I've spent in my life so far. The ticket includes a High-touch which translate to "I get to touch them". I'll try to not got crazy and act normal. I am really excited for this concert. I've everything "concert related" ready. We ordered some tshirt that I designed. I also did some banners to give away at the event to other Bana. After all the concert is done I will be posting the designs. I don't want people getting/stealing any ideas. Sorry.

I can't believe this happened so fast and so soon. Which I had more time to save even more so i could do a better project. But at least I will be able to see them live with out spending a lot of money. I was really sad because I tried to to go to the KMF (Korean Music Festival) back in May at LA, California. Then there was KCon (alson in LA, California) this past month of August. I also try to do that but it was too expensive too. Around $1,300 just for four days. It was too much. So I gave up. But this just made my year and i was really happy I couldn't attend none of those activities. They would be singing just 2-3 songs and that is it. I would have wasted my money for "nothing". Now I will be spending less and I will be able to "interact" closer to them. 

I can't believe I'll see my babies. Jun Jinyoung, Shin Dongwoo, Lee Junghwan, Cha Sunwoo and Gong Chanshik wait for noona. Noona is going to see you guys. I've been their fain since 2011 and I can finally see them. And not only see them but enjoy their FULL concert. They always do great shows. They re-arrange their songs. They actually sing LIVE and do a lot of acoustic too. I will be able to listen to the precious voices LIVE. The joy! I know I'll be crying most of the concert. That is a given. I just hope I survive this. I will try to post everything I can later on after the concert takes place and everything. I just can't wait for October to get here and go to the concert. Excited much? Yassss!