Getting ready for the concert.

I'm still getting ready for the concert next month. The ticket finally arrived this past week. I was getting worried it felt like forever. I'm really anxious and nervous about this concert and what will happen. I mean I'm still not over the fact that I will see B1A4 in real life. I have seen all the photos from the past concerts of the tour and they all look awesome. Next week they are touring Australia. The boys are doing so good. The fan service is beyond ridiculous. They are going the extra mile to interact with fans. They take polaroids with them. They get the fans phones and take selcas and then return it to the fan. I haven't read not even a bad comment of none of the events. 

I got all my concert gear ready. I have my t-shirt, the placard, the headband, the light stick, glow sticks in case I decide not to take the light stick to the concert. The only thing missing right now are the banners I designed to give away to Bana at the concert. Still wondering at what time it will be good or safe to arrive. It's going to be a long weekend. My headband is obviously Shin Dongwoo related. I'm not sure but I think I will do another one. A more "generic" head band with B1A4 Bana included. Still have time to do that. I forgot to add some photos of the process of the shirt and the banners but I'll upload that later whenever i get the banners.