B1A4 Road Trip Shirt (fan made)

I will be posting the photos of the process of the design of the shirt I'll be using for B1A4 Road Trip US NYC concert. Other local fans also got the shirt. I'm really happy how they turned out. Look simply amazing. I first did the drawing then I scanned them and uploaded them to photoshop.



Worked some "magic" on the design.

Front: The header is a ribbon that reads B1A4 (group name), a skull called PPyounge (fandom logo) and Bana (fandom name). There is a VW van that looks like the one they used for their promotional poster. This van is cruising around the globe meaning that we are all going on a road trip. Inside the globe you will see five colored dots. Each dot represents each of the boys with their unique colors Jinyoung is yellow, CNU is blue, Sandeul is orange, Baro is green and Gongchan is pink. Around the globe there is a ribbon that reads 2014 Road Trip 'Live Tour' - Ready? which is the name of the tour.

Back: The official logo of the tour. I included our flag and fansite name B1A4 Bana Puerto Rico so people know where we are from. You know show off our support.

I'm really proud of this little project. I also got one for the boys. Not sure if I'll be able to give it to them at the concert or if I will end up throwing it at them while on the concert. Not sure. I'll let you know what happen later. I also designed some banners but that is for another post. By the way please this are my property Reavel (blog owner) and I watermarked them with our local fanbase B1A4PR logo. Please respect that do not edit or copy. Thanks!