Billy Bronze

Back in 2007 when I used to stayed updated more frequently with the street art world I found out about Sam Flores and his Fatimas. Since that day on I always wanted one. I also found out about Billy Bronze. He is only 3" and wears a mask. This particular Billy is a Special Edition vinyl. It was done to conmemorate/celebrate Sam Flores's book 'Samuel Flores'. It has a pink mask/shoes and grey shirt and his skin color is bronze. It is known as the Book Colorway Pink Special Edition. 

Like the original Billy it was released as part of the Get Small Series San Francisco. The original has white mask, orange shoes, grey shirt and normal skin color. The other edition of Billy is all bronze. I have been searching for either Fatima or Billy but I only found Billy. Fatimas are over +$100 right now so I think I could just forget about her for a long time.

Anyways here are Billy's photos.


  1. LOVE IT!! Me encanta este. By the way, AWESOME photos.

    1. Gracias. Ya tu sabes scandole el polvo a la camara. ;)


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