Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Swan

The Swan is a dunny design by Andrew Bell for Kidrobot. This dunny belongs to the Mardivale Dunny Series. The whole theme goes around Mardi Grass and Masquerades. it was released earlier this year. Andrew Bell designs in my opinion made this one of the prettiest and elaborate... even perhaps sophisticated series I've seen from Kidrobot. The way he designed the masks and the colors. Really nice work. Very delicate to look... very fancy. If you have a chance check his works and his company Dead Zebra Inc.

Harry Potter

If you have been following my tumblr blog or know me you know that I am an avid Harry Potter fan. It was no surprise that I would get at least Mr. Potter from the whole Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows set made by Medicom - Kubrick from Japan. Mr. Harry comes with the cape and his wand. He is 3" tall. They payed attention to the details very nicely including his bright green eyes and even the scar. 

Yahita Tribe Dude

Meet Yahita Tribe Dude (I call it Rose). This lovely dunny is part of the 2Tone Dunny Series released back in 2010 by Kidrobot. It was designed by Japanese illustrator Aya Kakeda. You should check her works and her website. She has great pieces there. I liked that it haves different patterns and the color combination of black grey magenta is always a plus for me. The smirk on the dunny gives it some sort of cool attitude. That is his charm... cute romantic but mischievous.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Billy Bronze

Back in 2007 when I used to stayed updated more frequently with the street art world I found out about Sam Flores and his Fatimas. Since that day on I always wanted one. I also found out about Billy Bronze. He is only 3" and wears a mask. This particular Billy is a Special Edition vinyl. It was done to conmemorate/celebrate Sam Flores's book 'Samuel Flores'. It has a pink mask/shoes and grey shirt and his skin color is bronze. It is known as the Book Colorway Pink Special Edition. 

Like the original Billy it was released as part of the Get Small Series San Francisco. The original has white mask, orange shoes, grey shirt and normal skin color. The other edition of Billy is all bronze. I have been searching for either Fatima or Billy but I only found Billy. Fatimas are over +$100 right now so I think I could just forget about her for a long time.

Anyways here are Billy's photos.


Today I received the POPOBE bear toy car that I was waiting for. Now I have my POPOBE Jack Skellington collection complete. Yes! The bear is around 1"1/2 inches tall and the car too... together they make 2" tall. Very cute because it is so small. The tires do roll so the care moves. I was surprised that it came with the original POPOBE plastic case and everything was well packed. Literally brand new toy. It was good. Really good. I was expecting the toy car and that was it cause it didn't said it came with the case. Thumbs up to the seller. Very pleased.

Anyways I'm just going to post the cute photos.

Angie 80... a cute zombie.

Angie 80 is a cute zombie girl from the Heroes and Heartbreakers Series completely designed by illustrator Ryan Bubnis for Kidrobot back in 2008. I don't know her story but she seems a good well behaved girl that liked to skate around her house. Seems that she also enjoys candy cause even after death she enjoys it. You can check the rest of the set here. The skates really function she actually runs on the skates and you can move her arms and head. The lollipop is quite delicate so handle with extreme care. I liked the overall cute zombie but lovely concept of this doll.


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