Masao The Scavenger.

Meet Masao. It looks like a pretty kitty... well a pretty skull wearing a kitty costume. This little fella is 3" tall and it was created by Kathie Olivas. Masao is part of Kathies's The Scavengers Series in collaboration with MindStyle (available at Kidrobot stores) released back in 2008. It is also available in other colors (black, pink, platinum and blue... etc.) This little guy didnt come with the box but the box looks like this. Pretty, right? I'm planning on getting another toy from another of her series. Look forward to it.

Kathie is from New Mexico. She also works with Brandt Peters (also an illustrator and her husband) so you will often see Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters together on the toys they make an awesome team. You should totally check their works. Just don't get hooked on them... it kind of addictive.

This is part of The Scavengers Toys Collection (Series 1, Series 2 and Sharpie Edition)
all photos taken from but belong to tamara-988 (flickr username)