Jack studying on pajamas.

Here we go again. Another update on my blog.... and yes it is about another vinyl toy. 

This time it is......
Vinylmation The Nightmare Before Christmas Series 2
Artist Name: Casey Jones / Size: 3"
Release Date: September 13, 2013

Isn't it gorgeous. This version of Jack is from the scene where Jack is studying all the books related to Christmas on the movie. When he is trying to understand Christmas how all the season works.

This toy/figure comes on a blind box. Meaning that when you buy the box you don't know which design from the series you are getting. To make sure I got the one that I wanted I cheated on ebay and got it. The seller had the foil and the box. It didn't had dents or anything that I could complain of. It was perfect like I bought it at the store and all. 

I hope I can keep up the collection but I must try and concentrate on a theme or something. I might end up buying everything and that can't happen. The thing about collecting is that if you don't buy it on a certain amount of time you might never ever find again and if you find it maybe you wont be able to afford it cause it will be really expensive.