Gloomy: The Naugthy Grizzly

I here present you Gloomy.... this belongs vinyl belongs to Kidrobot Dunny 2009 Series. Kidrobot gathered 20 artists from around the world and made this awesome series. One of those artists was Mori Chack creator of Gloomy. It is pink and looks so cute... very kawaii if you ask me. Isn't this bear lovely already?

The Story of Gloomy: The Naugthy Grizzly was created and published by Japanese artists Mori Chack (Mori Chakku) back in 2009 on his website. Gloomy is not your regular pink and fluffy bear. He was at the beginning when Pity found him abandoned in a box. Pity raised him, fed him and took care of him. Gloomy loved him for that.

To make a long story short... Gloomy grows up and his wild nature takes over him and he hurts Pity. Pity can't do anything against Gloomy because he loves him, even when the bear is violent towards him. I was going to post the video but it is somehow.... violent so I'll just add the link here and you go watch it.

Moral or message of the story is... NEVER try to domesticate a WILD animal. Their instinct no matter how long and good you took care of them will show up some day. Maybe against you or a stranger. But since you never know the best things is to leave the wild one be wild in their habitat. Sure it is good to help them out but at some point you should let them go back to their habitat. It is the right thing to do. 

Mori Chack wanted to help people realize what we are doing. Getting wild animals and turning them into something cute and make every one believe they can tame or train wild animals and keep them because we have been told that animals are cute and are not violent by nature. This is just Mori Chack friendly reminder with Gloomy's character.