Sunday, March 09, 2014

Dalek's Ice-Bots

I remember seen this vinyl toys years ago when I was more into all this art and vinyl toys movement. Sadly I didn't payed to much attention since probably I couldn't afford it and certainly since they come on blind boxes I wanted to know before hand what I was getting.

Now that I'm starting to collect vinyls I found them and got this cute little thing here. This is vinyl name is Black Cross Eyed from the Ice-Bot Series designed by Dalek for Kidrobot back in 2005. It is 3" tall and the Odds/Ratio are 1/25 (this means you might get one of the 1 Ice-Bots of the 25 on the box set of the series. Remember this toys come on blind boxes. You have to open them to find out which toy you got.) I'm going to share some information about this item first.

Ice-Bots Series (Photo Credit to JenX)

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