A POPOBE... Bear.

The other day I was looking for some Be@rbricks on ebay and found a vinyl toy similar to them but I was totally sure it wasn't one of them. Enter google and a few clicks later I found out it was from a brand called POPOBE from China. POPOBE bears are popular in USA, Europe and Asia. They started showing up around 2003 and right now KPop idols used them as accessories (rings mostly). They have work with brands like McDonald, Mooto (Korea) and Lee (Yes! the jeans). Last year they where in charge of the XXVII Summer Universiade (2013 Summer Universiade) mascot promotions. So yeah quite popular. The more you know. I have to admit I get carried away while researching.

While doing the research I noticed people calling them Be@rbricks knock off but in the art world the word knock off is questionable. Take note that Be@rbricks could be called knock off of Lego since on of their developers used to work for that company so... I don't know why people are complaining or comparing. 

Anyways... back to the subject. I found this little teddy bear and liked it... a lot. I decided to get all that I could from the Jack Skellington theme. So far I only received the key chain but I'm waiting for the mobile charm and the toy car set (which is my favorite of all the theme).

The key ring are available in 3" & 5", the mobile charm is 2" and the toy car set is also 2" (when I get them I shall inform you). There is also the bigger ones around 10", 15" & 30" (not sure yet). When you have all the set they look very pretty as shown in this photo. They also have other merchandise like passport covers and luggage tags.