2014 B1A4 Concert 'The Class'

B1A4 had their 3rd solo concert last month on Feb 15 and 16. The title of this tour is THE CLASS. The theme is School Days. Many of B1A4 followers are people that are still attending school, their older sisters and well their moms... (funny! kind of disturbing but it is true). Thing is this kids manage to attracts people from all ages so that families can attend and enjoy their concerts together. They have a lot of noona fans (older females fans)

One of the official merchandise for this tour is the slogan towel just like all the other ones. I managed to buy one the very next day of the concert online and at a GREAT price. I payed a total of $25 including shipping. I told a friend of mine after I payed for it that I was very sure that the price they had was wrong but I was going to buy it before they changed it. I saw the slogan for sale on Japan and Singapore sites at $40 including shipping to those countries. That only meant that if I bought it from them it would end up going all the way up to $50 and I can't afford that. And boy I was right on the price been wrong. Right now they slogan is around $32 without shipping. So yes it was an awesome find. Happy Bana all the way.

I bought it from DVD Heaven on February 16 and got it Friday. It is totally different from the other slogans I have from them. It is knitted and it is very long (scarf like) it is 67" long and 8" (170cm x 20cm) wide. I present you... B1A4 The Class 2014 concert slogan. It is so pretty. The colors are very bright. When I first saw this slogan (more like a scarf) it reminded me of Harry Potter. This slogan is really neat and kid of heavy. Bright mustard yellow and deep royal blue with white accents. It will surely make you warmer if you experience a really cold winter. I shall never used it as a scarf cause I've summer year long where I live. But those that live in colder places it will make a great scarf.

If you want to know more about the actual concert you should read this awesome review. Made me jealous that I couldn't attend. The writer said that we should totally get the DVD cause it will be FULL of surprises. The guys cried and then the fans cried it was all an emotional roller coaster for the attendees and artists. Now the next thing is get their second Japanese full album titled "2" that comes out later this month and wait for other things to arrive.