Wednesday, February 12, 2014

B1A4's Who Am I Group & CNU's covers.

Happy! Happy! Joy... Joy... Finally my B1A4's Who Am I albums arrived (Group and CNu's copies). Well 2 of the 4 I ordered. The other two (Baro and Jinyoung's copy) are on their way here. Still need to get Sandeul and Gongchan covers, but that will be later, hopefully. I pre-ordered this 2 albums while I was on vacation back in Jan. 07. They where shipped in Jan. 14 and a month later.... here they are. I already did an entry on the album itself so read it if you want to know more about the music on the album. This entry will focus on the looks and insides of the album or unboxing. I'll be posting photos of both covers, some pages and the end pages of both albums since they are the same.

Like I mentioned before the albums where done to look like a magazine. They did an awesome work. They have interviews with each member. A little of their childhood stories and lots of photos from their younger days.Since the title is Who Am I each member tries to explain who they are and what the like inside this album. It was all well planned and organized. Even when you see all this English on the cover it is all in Korean inside... but thanks to hard working Bana they translated the most important parts and we can now actually find out Who B1A4 is. I added videos of each album. I know the quality is not that awesome... I'll try to record it with my phone camera it might turn out better than this.

UPdate: I just got the other two albums I ordered with Baro and Jinyoung on the cover. Still missing Sandeul and Gongchan... but soon.

Who Am I 'CNU' cover /  Who Am I 'Group' cover
Who Am I 'Baro' cover /  Who Am I 'Jinyoung' cover
Who Am I Group, Jinyoung, CNU and Baro covers
Inside poster of  Who Am I 'Group' cover
Inside poster of  Who Am I 'Group' cover
Inside poster of  Who Am I 'CNU' cover
Inside poster of  Who Am I 'CNU' cover


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