B1A4's Who Am I.

B1A4 finally did a comeback after 8 long months of waiting for their new music. I was really excited about this but I was totally NOT expecting that the album was going to be this perfect. All of it is perfect. So different from the last one yet so them at the same time. B1A4 has grown and they are proud to let you know about it.

They presented a two music video teasers (1 & 2) and a video with clips from the songs before dropping the actual video and album. Normally they do a week long of torture by releasing teaser photos but for this album they just dropped all the teaser photos at once. They also revealed that their new album will have 6 different covers (1 for the group and 1 for each member) This only means that I'll buy all of them. The title of the album is Who Am I and the promo song is called "Lonely" [Composed by Jinyoung / Lyrics by Jinyoung, Baro / Arranged by Jinyoung, Perfume] (see video below).

All the 6 covers for Who Am I

It was designed to look like a magazine.

Cool facts about this album is that it is their 2nd full album. The album was designed to look like a magazine full with ads, interviews and mini poster. Like I mentioned before this album has 6 covers. Each album has content of each member on the cover individually even when they are just a few pages of difference that alone makes it interesting (when I get my copies I shall show you the difference from each copy). It has 12 songs with 8 of them composed, written, produced or arranged by the members themselves. This is huge in KPop business 'cause not all the companies let the members have total control or even get involved on the music. At least WM Entertainment has been giving them the green light on this matter since they debuted back in 2011.

The playlist goes like this. I am so happy of this playlist and all they have done with the songs.
01. "Intro - Prologue" [Composed and Arranged by Jinyoung, Good Guy]
02. "Lonely" [Composed by Jinyoung / Lyrics by Jinyoung, Baro / Arranged by Jinyoung, Perfume]
03. "Love Then" feat. Harim [Composed and Lyrics by Jinyoung / Arranged by Jinyoung, Good Guy]
04. "Amazing" [Composed by Price, Timothy James / Lyrics by CNU, Baro]
05. "Baby" [Composed by Jinyoung / Lyrics by Jinyoung, Baro / Arranged by Jinyoung, Good Guy]
06. "Oh My God" [Composed by Park Kang Il / Lyrics by Park Kang Il, Baro / Arranged by Park Shin Won]
07. "Too Much" - Sandeul, Gongchan [Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by Noh Joo Hwan, C-NO]
08.  "Pretty" [Composed by Jinyoung / Lyrics by Jinyoung, Baro, CNU / Arranged by Jinyoung, Good Guy]
09. "Who Am I" [Composed, Arranged by Jinyoung, Good Guy / Lyrics by Jinyoung, Baro, Good Guy]
10. "Drunk with Music" - CNU [Composed by CNU, Joo Young, Go Hyung Suk / Lyrics by CNU / Arranged by Go Hyung Suk]
11. "Road" [Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by Lee Gi, Yong Bae / Lyrics by Baro]
12. "Seoul" [Composed by CNU / Lyrics by CNU, Baro / Arranged by Go Hyung Suk]

The album is doing very well on the sales. The song "Lonely" already snatched 4 awards on Korean music shows competing with well respected KPop groups and musicians. There are more people getting to know more about B1A4 thanks to this album receiving good review every time. They are doing so well that they are already people are trying to stop them by making scandals cause they can't understand why they are doing so well in the business without been from a huge company and been practically "unknown" according to them. When things like this happens on KPop business it only means you are on the path to success.

I'm really happy that they are finally getting on the spotlight. They have been working for quite some time to get here. I was really worried 'cause there was going to be a lot of people returning to the music scene and others debuting but it turned out well. Actually BETTER than expected. Bana was surprised and so has been the rest of the industry. All have been swept away by 'Lonely' and the whole Who Am I album.

As a bonus I'll add a a video of the making of the photo shoot for the album Who Am I and the making of the "Lonely" video. so you can see B1A4 in their natural habitat... been the wonderful guys they are. They are just a bunch of goofballs trying to make it big on the music industry.