New toys that I shall never use.

I "recently" started my vinyl collection. What I am trying to do is get everything I can from The Nightmare Before Christmas items/series from different vinyl collections mostly from Funko and Vinylmation.

My sister years ago got me the Jack Skellington from Vinylmation at the Disney store in Downtown Disney Florida. Since then I wanted to keep collecting all the NBC items. It is not easy and I just want certain items not really the whole collection.

Let me explain something whenever I go to Downtown Disney I always search for the NBC items and buy them cause they go fast and then people sell them very expensive... well depends but their "value" really spikes up fast it seems. So this time when I went I was sad cause I believe I wouldn't be able to find something but I walked a little further and went to the store and yes hit lottery. I don't follow the whole Vinylmation franchise so I had no idea the item was part of the collection and so on... a very "long" story but I will give you the actual name of the item and you can do the research on your own perhaps (?)
"The October edition of the 2013 Poster Series Vinylmation will be released this morning at both D-Street locations.  The Jack Skellington Vinylmation will be LE 2013 and retail for $14.95 each. Vinylmation artist Eric Caszatt has designed a great looking Vinylmation that may sell very well here just a few weeks from Halloween." - VM World

As a bonus to my vinyl collection I found this cute little playing cards... also from The Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I loved them I didn't and won't be opening them so I guess I shall never find out how they actually look. Sorry about that but I will post you how the this thing is. Check it out.


  1. Se ve gusto mucho. By the way, your blog looks so nice. Me gusta como se ve el header.

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it. Quiero anhadirle un background pq se ve super white pero veremos.
      I like simple but it looks too simple.


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