Drip... The Show.

Got to meet up with Josh after a like two years of not seen him... (he lives in Florida, USA) We finally managed to spend some time together like in the good old days. I missed him a lot. He picked me up in the afternoon we went to Downtown Disney walk around and get updates on our lives. After that we got hungry went to Applebee's and got some food and did more talking. You know catching up work, life and all this cool things that make living... a living experience.

He got us tickets for a show in Orlando called DRIP. I already did my homework and looked up their info and they said it was the HOT thing to do in town. The also said that you would get all soaked in colorful water and perhaps even get some sand on you. My sneakers are white and they ended up red and blue because of the paint. They will get you soaked on water so do not wear stuff you are planning on using later on. This is not a modeling contest show they want you to be there and be part of it.  Drip is located on the International Drive you can check their info here.

I was really happy that Josh came up with this plan. Totally different from what I normally do on vacations with my family. Would totally go there again. We had lots of fun it is not your traditional sitting show. You get there early write on the walls and paint your clothing get some drink before the show starts and of course after the show too. It is a dance performance.  There is a band playing while the performance takes place. It is a love story and they do get you involved on it. Some of the props they use are water balloon, ropes, buckets, water... lots of water and sand. It seems that is part of their techniques... sand and water in dancing. 

The place is small you can barely fit 200 people there but that is part of the experience. It is art, dance, music and drink in one place. If you ever get the opportunity to attend this show do so. Get your tickets with time cause since the venue is small they go out really fast. The show is for people 21 and up.... yes it is a grown up show. You can watch some of their performances here.


we be tripping... thanks to the flash... 

His shirt after the show...
My $1.99 TShirt for the event. Summer of 2013 WIN!