Crabs... tasty crabs.

Back in Puerto Rico we have cable TV and you know you always watch this commercials of USA food chains and you want to try them cause the food looks so awesome that you mark it on your "Whenever I visit USA I have to eat try that" list. Joe's Crab Shack is one of those places. Every time I'm on the living room with my family and this kind of commercial showed up on TV we all said "we have to go there this time... no excuse".

I love crabs... since forever (my sister and dad too). We used or handy dandy GPS and found one in Clearwater, Florida. It was closer than expected. Yey! We had an awesome time the service was great. The food was awesome we got the Joe's Classic Steampot (service for 2) and all of us (Dad, sister and I) ate from that order. Mother doesn't eat crabs so she got the Maui Mahi she enjoyed her food and she is a picky eater. We got all messed up on the table but that is the fun part of this. If you are planning to go don't go in a hurry. Place your order and enjoy the cracking, smashing and eating. Definitely will go again whenever I can.