Wednesday, May 08, 2013

이게무슨일이야 (What’s Happening?).... the video!

After listening to the songs of 이게무슨일이야 (What’s Happening?) and crying my heart out with its epicness and wonderful voices they just released the video for the title song. Before we get to the video I'm just going to tell you that this album is their best work so far. Why... because that is what happens every time they release something now. You can listen their improvement and that their hard work practicing pays off.

The vocals on the whole album are indeed amazing. Not too far from their previews styles but very grown up if you ask me. The songs feel more complete and more emotional. They are not songs for videos with grand dance technique... this songs are just good for power vocals and enjoy them. Of course the main title haves a dance but nothing as in other KPop groups. Again B1A4 forte is not dancing it is their singing abilities. That is what I love the most. If you want to listen to the album you can download it from here. So far I love every single song on this new mini album. They could have all been the title track as far as I'm concern.

Anyways... here is the video that I'm currently in love with. Meet Barbie, Ken and my five adorable guys. Here is the video with eng subs. Enjoy. 

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