Friday, May 24, 2013

이게무슨일이야 (What’s Happening?) is finally here.

이게무슨일이야 (What’s Happening?) is finally here. The album is here. So like I mentioned on a this post I was waiting for my album to arrive. Now that I finally have it I can share the cool photos with you guys. I got it a few days ago but I am still happy and excited about the whole album. I always get excited when I get new album. They are just perfectly done. 

Besides fangirling because it is of my favorite KPop group or whatever all the details that go to making this albums regarding to the design and packaging is awesome. There is always something different new and unique to each of the album. So there you have anoter reason why I buy them it is not only for the music but the presentation as well. 

This album came with an 88pages photobook, the album, a sticker sheet -and I got my bias CNU- and also the poster. All this for around $24 including shipping... the horrendous but so needed shipping. Anyways here are the photos I hope you like it as much as I did. It is so colorful and fun just like B1A4.

the top of the box

the bottom & the top

box opened... showing the photobook

when you remove the photobook you find the sticker... that is CNU

this is the stickers, the top, the album & the photobook

the whole album and the first page of the photobook

all the goodies


  1. Hi. well read your post. I'm a bana in korea who is 38 years old. In korea, there is few fans that is not young like me. But I am proud of them and love so much as my sons and husband. My bias is also CNU. I envy you you got Cnu's sticker. I bought 2 albums but one had Baro and the other Gongchan. Anyway I',m happy to meet B1A4's oversee fan!

    1. OMG! I am so happy to find another B1A4 noona fan. I am 34 and yes CNU is my bias. I'm also very proud of been a BANA and love them a lot. You have no idea how happy your comment has made me. They have a lot of over seas fan and we try to support them even from far away and dream of the day that we can see them at a fan meeting or a concert. Thanks a lot for posting. Means a lot to me.



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