While she was sleeping.

Right after I wrote the post Thinking about my family and friends my sister was once again at the hospital. Therefore that is why my posting are very limited from December to January I only posted whenever I got to be home since I stayed with my sister at the hospital. I am just happy that she is doing fine now even when she still haves a surgery left. Hospitalization started on December 10 and ended January 3rd. The after been released she went back and spent a weekend.

She is at home getting better and ready for the next chapter. We are spending a lot of time together thing that we weren't able to do for the past few years due to many reasons. Below I am gonna share some photos of the the time spent there. My sister spent Christmas alone and I got to spend New Year with her at the hospital. She also bought a house while been hospitalize. We also "traveled" to different hospital facilities and offices so it was quite an experience.