Thursday, February 28, 2013

The towel... is here.

1st BABA B1A4 Concert towel is here. Since I couldn't attend B1A4 concert which was on December 8-9 2012 -for obvious reasons- I tried to at least buy one of the original concert goods online. What better than a the official cheering towel for the concert... right? I ordered it online (just right before they where out of stock -Yey!-) By the way most of the concert goods are already out of stock. Finally after waiting for like a month... it is here... so happy. Bana feels all over.

I tried to buy the one from the Japan concert but since I don't live there I'm not able to buy. I think that is just ridiculous. But what can I do. Sigh. At least I got the one from Korea... right? And yes they do cheering towels for concerts or activities of the groups. Normally they have a pretty design related to the event or just the name/logo of the group on the front and on the back it includes the names of the members of the group -sometimes not all the times-

Sunday, February 03, 2013

While she was sleeping.

Right after I wrote the post Thinking about my family and friends my sister was once again at the hospital. Therefore that is why my posting are very limited from December to January I only posted whenever I got to be home since I stayed with my sister at the hospital. I am just happy that she is doing fine now even when she still haves a surgery left. Hospitalization started on December 10 and ended January 3rd. The after been released she went back and spent a weekend.

She is at home getting better and ready for the next chapter. We are spending a lot of time together thing that we weren't able to do for the past few years due to many reasons. Below I am gonna share some photos of the the time spent there. My sister spent Christmas alone and I got to spend New Year with her at the hospital. She also bought a house while been hospitalize. We also "traveled" to different hospital facilities and offices so it was quite an experience.


Now I just need the money. Right?

Third time is the charm? I guess. I requested this info back in 2011 and it never got home. Therefore I tried once more and requested the tourist guide from Visit Korea (Korea Tourism Organization webpage) and it finally arrived. I guess I just need the money and go there. I wish it was that easy but since I want to do a lot whenever I travel I shall wait and save a lot so I can really enjoy my visit without spending problems or issues. It is not too much but I am equally happy. Makes me feel one step closer. to get yours you just have to create an account and request it at this link.

Making and tracking lists.

Just wanted to share two sites I've been using a lot lately to keep lists of my dramas and movies. 

It is free and it allows you to do as many lists as you want of whatever you want. It is available for iPhone (wish it was available for android). It is quite good and simple to use. They also let you "customize" your profile with a background and changing the colors of your list just like if they where post its. You can also favorite other users lists and it haves a lot of other nice things on it so check it out.

I'm using it for my daily regular movies and dramas. You can find my lists at:

On is oriented to Asian dramas and movies (Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong). The good thing about this that it lets you keep track of what you are watching or have watched. You can set up the what you want to watch what you have on hold and what you started to watch but stopped watching. Also it lets you write reviews about the movies or dramas. You get to read other peoples reviews and comments as well so you can decide what you want to see or even recommend others any drama or movie.
You can find my profile at:


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