Holding Onto Gravity

Nell is back with their new single album Holding Onto Gravity. The album was released at 12AM today. The album contains 4 songs Coin Seller, White Night, Holding Onto Gravity and Blue. The promotional song for this album is White Night. They also release a video for this song which is kind of confusing and I think the girl is trying to fix something she can't cause she is always coming back. Anyways I will add it below so you can enjoy it too.

The 1st song Coin Seller is all instrumental but it is really inviting and gets you in the mood and sentiment to enjoy the whole Holding Onto Gravity experience. Once again Nell touches and plays with the idea of solitude letting go and loving endlessly with out regretting it.

I don't if I'm the only one that thinks like this but for me Nell's Kim Jong Wan goes through a breakup every time he is sits down to writes music. It is always the heartbreaking feeling whenever you listen to their songs. The emotions involved on it is not forced but it just flows with the songs. They take you on a roller coaster with White Night (eng lyrics) that is a little more lively but then it says can't get over you... so you sink again on the sad break up and letting go feeling. 

I read some where that this is the first of a series of albums (3 to be exact) related to Holding onto Gravity. There will supposedly be another single alum then later on they will have a full album which is what Nell haves his fans used to. And honestly I believe this was going to be a full alum but it turned out to be a single album. I am not sure if this was Nell's idea or Woollim's idea. Either way I am sure they will make it big. I know I am really looking forward to this Gravity series.

Listen to the whole album by pressing play:

Watch the MV for White Night: