Friday, September 28, 2012


New project... I made this awesome owl. First time doing such huge pillow/toy/cushion. Had lots of fun on the process. Planning on doing more. It came out way better than expected. It is around 13.5" tall and 12" wide so it is kind of big. Parts where hand sewed others where done with sewing machine. If you would like to purchase it you can get it at my shop.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


The shop is BACK! 
For now I only have hand bags but do look forward to the shop comeback cause I am making different things this time around.

Hand bags.

Made this cute little hand bags this week. They are all unique since they wont be repeated so you don't have to worry because nobody else will have it. The insides is covered by a matching colored felt that makes the bag stronger. It fits most notebooks and notepads and other neat stuff you wanna fill them with. To keep it clean you just need to wash it on delicate cycle.  The hand bag measure is around 11" wide and 9" tall. There are 6 designs left. I already sold one. Yey!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apron... finished.

I am taking sewing class since the month of august. Our first project was to make an apron. I already informed about this in case you didn't knew I am writing this again. Anyways I used an old bed sheet I had. It is a plaid pattern made of blue and red lines. 

Since the dominant color is blue I decided to make the details in red (buttons and the pockets) so it gets a little of attention. The professor let us do whatever we wanted with the aprons. So I made mine different. I feel really proud and happy cause I was able to do the "vivo" (piping in sewing terms) from scratch them I sew the whole thing. It looked wonderful.

After that is was all about the details. To close the apron on the back I decided to use velcro instead of the strings. I think it is more practical. Later on I added all the buttons (which where black and I painted them red) and the felt on the pockets so you can actually see the pockets. 

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Thank You. I used to like a really cool person.


This are some screen shots of A Gentleman's Dignity Ep.14 almost at the end of it. 

I'll try to don't give spoilers. Anyways the conversation goes like this:
Tae San: I just wanted to say anything for you
Seo Yi Soo: Thank You. I used to like a really cool person.
Tae San: It was an honor.
So a little back story on the conversation. At the beginning of the drama Seo Yi Soo was madly  in love with Tae San. As the drama moves on she falls for Do Jin who is one of Tae San best friends (not picture above). Seo Yi Soo and Do Jin end up breaking up because of some issues he needs to work out. (if you see the drama you will understand). 

Tae San and Seo Yi Soo at this point haven't talked at all about their "feelings" (even when at this point everybody in the drama found out... they didn't talk about it on their own they just moved on). The thing is that Tae San went to find her to cheer her up or well check up on her  to know who she was dealing with the break up since he knows his best friend Do Jin is not doing well  without her but felt it was the right thing to do at the moment.

After they have their chat Tae San just tells her that he wanted to be there for her. Seo Yi Soo says  "Thank You. I used to like a really cool person" and he replies "It was an honor".

Now... my personal take on this conversation...
I wonder if many of us would have said the same. Wah "I used to like a really cool person" that even when he didn't like me he still cares for me and the friendship we have. Also he says "It was an honor". He is finally acknowledging and accepting the feelings that she once had for him and he is there for her as she was many times for him (before even knowing about her feelings towards him).

I don't know that made me think. Like yes even when we don't like somebody if we find out they like us we should acknowledge them as a person that takes time to know us, care for us and maybe they even know us better than we know ourselves. I am not talking about stalker, crazy bitches and crazy people that go all berserk

It is a drama I might be getting carried away... I know it is just a story scripted and acted but wouldn't it be nice if everyone dealt with this issues this way. We do the same when we read books study the characters and stuff ... so deal with it. I felt this little conversation was really important for both them. I wonder if in reality are we even able to say this to someone we once liked/loved? Could we really say have a conversation like this?

Tapestry and Sewing

Last month I started taking sewing and tapestry class. So excited. I finally did a cushion/pillow with the help of a sewing machine and I also got to put a zipper on it. It might seem not that important or cool but it is for me so I had an internal party when i finished it. It looked good and the professor liked it. Had to sew one side twice cause I didn't put the sewing machine foot thingy down and it messed up but it is all part of the learning experience. 

The cushion was for my tapestry class and next week or well this week we are doing a cornice. Finally get to do some wood cutting. I am taking this class (tapestry) with my dad. He is so excited and happy we end up in Home Depot after each class and everything. Here is a side note... the class is really loud bunch of old people retired and bored in their houses are taking this class. After two classes I learned that people never grow up they just get older. They still think they are in high school. 

For the sewing class we are doing lovely aprons. I wanted to buy a cool fabric but I didn't had time so I just took an old Tommy Hilfiger bed sheet I had and used it for it. The fabric is a plaid pattern of blue and red. There is a little story to that bed sheet (no not that kind of story just in case). It was one of the first thing I bought when I started working ages ago. So I was really happy when I was able to buy something I wanted without caring too much of the price cause I could afford it. Maybe for others it wasn't that expensive but for me it was ($17 the bed sheet alone when I can get the whole set for that...) It is even quite emotional. I will put an update with photos when I finish the whole apron thing.


Last Sunday I went to Abracadabra Cafe with my sister. She was hungry it was already after 12PM and we did had breakfast so we went to brunch. It was perfect. The service is good. Yes you have to wait since they make the food as you order it but it is worth the wait. besides the ambiance and the whole place is full of interesting things to talk about so the waiting time will become none. And by the way why are people in such a hurry to be served if you are in a hurry just go to any food chain place that is their purpose and why they are called fast food... in the end. 

Anyways the place is awesome. Great music full of people moving around very alive. I noticed they have happy hours and jazz days too. Also after following them on instagram (@abracadabracafe) they are open for different agendas. Yesterday they had like a fashion show too.

 Since it was our first time there we had no idea what to order. They have a lot of plates (french toasts, sandwiches, scrambled eggs and even crepes). While we were deciding what to order it was crazy cause we saw all the services and we couldn't just pick one of them they all look so tasty and yummy.  I also noticed the food is super healthy and fresh (fruits and salads). But at the end and after talking to one of the employees we decided on the Croque Madame. It was perfect. A sandwich with an egg on top some salad on the side, glorious strong coffee and passion fruit juice. Yes it was perfect. 

I am looking forward to go again since a friend said their brownies are even better than the ones Godiva sell and that is enough good reference for me. A little tip when you go there DO NOT go in a hurry cause you wont be able to enjoy the awesomeness of the place and embrace the whole experience. I honestly felt like I traveled far away almost to France. It is such an awesome place full of magic, cute bunnies on the walls and little details here and there. A little theater with great music where you can eat and have a great time with your friends while you have an excellent brunch.

For more info and stay updated on Abracadabra Cafe visit their website our follow them on twitter or facebook.

Croque Madame


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