Friday, August 17, 2012

B1A4 Tote Bag

I am working on a B1A4 canvas tote bag for myself. Still haves a missing parts since I want to paint the bottom and sides in black 'cause it is all white and white gets easily stained and damaged. I am not sure if I should add five dots or hearts below the B1A4 logo so that it represents the boys. If I could make them on their own colors that would be awesome i think. Lets see what happens.

Tote bag is made from canvas (no I didn't do the tote bag I bought it already done). The logos are where done from felt and hand stitched to the tote bag by me. Yey! When it is done I shall post another update here. If you are interested on having one let me know. I will do then when ONLY when requested. I wont pile up work.

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