Thursday, August 30, 2012

Watch... watching... eyeing...

Its been a long while since I draw something. I draw this earlier today. I woke up went to instagram and got some ideas. I already did the eyes the other days so... i liked it and wanted to try this out. I think they are interesting and look nice. Ok thats all. 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Its been a long while since I draw something.So i did some eyes. I liked it and wanted to try this out. I think they are interesting and look nice. Ok thats all. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

B1A4 tote bag completed

Finally finished the tote bag. I painted the bottom and sides of the tote bag because that way it wont get so dirty when put on the floor. I don't normally use white for that reason. Anyways here are the photos of the "painting" process and final work.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Update on B1A4 tote bag.

This is a quick update on the B1A4 toye bag I'm doing. The only thing I need to end the bag is Krylin spray paint in black for the bottom. I just want to finish this soon.

Friday, August 17, 2012

B1A4 Tote Bag

I am working on a B1A4 canvas tote bag for myself. Still haves a missing parts since I want to paint the bottom and sides in black 'cause it is all white and white gets easily stained and damaged. I am not sure if I should add five dots or hearts below the B1A4 logo so that it represents the boys. If I could make them on their own colors that would be awesome i think. Lets see what happens.

Tote bag is made from canvas (no I didn't do the tote bag I bought it already done). The logos are where done from felt and hand stitched to the tote bag by me. Yey! When it is done I shall post another update here. If you are interested on having one let me know. I will do then when ONLY when requested. I wont pile up work.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Just so you know.

You will see black photos on the posts cause yours truly deleted some albums on her mobile phone. Yours truly totally forgot that at that time the albums where connected to her photo albums here and that is why the post right now do not have photos. Give me some time to see if I manage to upload at least part of them. So sad and well sorry for all the inconvenience. Please do not connect everything to everything. I hardly ever connect the albums but it seems that setting something up everything got sync and that's how I got here.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Around Ponce y el Museo De Arte

Ponce... I'm gonna be honest. I've mixed feelings about this town. STILL it haves awesome places to visit. I'm gonna cover 3 of them. We where starving since we left early in the morning from Carolina and it was already 12PM so We had to eat something. Walking around with a cousin and her friend we found Dulce Fruta Bistro. This Bistro/Cafe is a hidden gem on the old side of town (what we call el pueblo). 

I am so happy we found this place. Oh my GOD. The scrambled eggs felt like I was the one that made it so yes it was PERFECT. The coffee amazing strong sweet full of flavor. The apple juice I was expecting Motts apple juice but no... they just get the apple, grind it pour it on a glass and there you have REAL apple juice. The service you better leave a good tip cause the guy (who ever you are) was awesome. Very polite and talked with us about random things from coffee to las mascaras they have hanging on the walls. The place is small but really nice and extremely well kept. Loved the place and if I go again to Ponce soon I'll totally go there to have breakfast.

Next stop was the plaza and the Ponce Cathedral. All towns in Puerto Rico have a church and a fountain but this Plaza haves el Parque de Bombas too. Below are photos from the church and the fountain. When you go to Ponce know that you will see lions everywhere (statues or anything) to the point you think you just went to a safari.

Now to end the day we finally hit the main attraction and reason for this trip the Museo de Arte de Ponce. Founded by dearest Luis A. Ferré and inaugurated on 1965. It is one if not the largest art museum in the Caribbean and one of the best.
The museum contains one of the most important pre-Raphaelite collections in the Western Hemisphereholding some 4,500 pieces of art distributed among fourteen galleries It is the only museum in Puerto Rico accredited by the American Association of Museums.
There you have more info on the museum. They gave multiples expositions and galleries. One of the most impressive ones for me was Emilio Sanchez Font exhibition. The lines and shadows on his works are  so clean and amazing. The details, forms and the patterns are splendid. Incredible art work. I posted some of my favorite works from him here. There are a lot more at the museum so if you can check it out do so. 

My favorite part of the visit was seen Treppe by David Schnell and Flaming June by Fredric Leighton.

Treppe by David Schnell
Flaming June by Fredric Leighton

Sunday, August 05, 2012

El Yunque

El Yunque is Puerto Rico's National Rain Forest. It rains everyday therefor the rain in the name and the water is really cold. It is beautiful and you can take awesome photos. Also there are plenty of hiking trails around the place. Once you are on the hiking trail don't think you know the place and stay on it... or you might get lost. Just a warning. For more info visit their website.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

King Crab Egg Rolls

I made some King Crab baked Dumplings a while ago and I just wanted to try out the egg roll shape. Here you will find the ingredients and some photos of the process. When you put them to pack spray some oil on the pan where you are going to bake them. Since the ingredients do not have to be cooked leave them on the oven for around 20min or 25 min or until they turn out "golden/brownish" or until they are crispy.  The egg roll wrap package brings around 15 wraps.


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