Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada. After spending the Canada day weekend on the Niagara Falls area we went "upstate" all the way to Toronto. Our target was the CN Tower but before we got there we roamed around the city and let me tell you it is a gorgeous contrast of old and new. Very impressive city and loved the diversity of people you get to see. Besides the gorgeous car trip around the city we got to see the Toronto Blue Jays home the Rogers Centre (more info on the place cause they actually do a lot of other things here). Surrounding the stadium there is this sculture on the building called "The Audience" Michael Snow that is breath taking. Pretty awesome. 

Right besides the stadium is the CN Tower mentioned before. The building is pretty darn high. You can see Toronto skyline from there and  you can even go higher but no thanks.  There are some parts where you can see the "bottom" since the floor is on acrylic. Gives you the chills. Many of the people dare to stand on it but there where others that didn't like the idea. Later when talking to a tour guide employee she told us that in fact there where like three areas that had acrylic floor but they where just covered. So people without knowing where actually walking around it like. Ouh the mind tricks. When you get the elevator to do down you can actually see getting closer to the bottom since it also haves acrylic on the floor.  

Another interesting place that I wish I spent more time at -since we only went in and took photos and left- was the Distillery District (visit their website). We found it by "accident" since we didn't even knew it was there but it was a great surprise. It is right there in Downtown Toronto but once you are there you feel like you traveled back in time. I encourage you to visit the links so you get an idea of the history and importance of the places. That is one of the joys of traveling and taking photos. If you ever get the chance to visit DO SO. I wanna go back and spend more time exploring Toronto.