Staten, Liberty & Ellis Island

Staten Island, Liberty Island and Ellis Island in one day. For the win. We managed to do everything in one afternoon. We took the train so late that I thought we wouldn't have time but we did. First stop was Staten Island to take the Ferry but we found out it wasn't there so we walked down Battery Park and got to the pier where they boat leaves for Liberty Island. 

Once there we got to see Miss Liberty in all her glory. We walked around listening to the audio thing they give you with valuable information. The day was kind of cloudy but then it got sunny so the pictures came out gorgeously. After we said hello took some photos with Miss Liberty and talked to some strangers we said good bye and took a another boat to Ellis Island.

We arrived at Ellis Island we where tired so we did a quick visit to the museum snap some photos walked around the huge and filled with awesome history hallways. We got to read some documents, posters from back in the day. It was kind of emotional even when none of my family had to go through that you can feel the struggle pain and victory of the place. This is a MUST go place if you are into history and knowing how United States started and got to what it is today and who actually helped shaped the things we now days enjoy. Everyone brought something to United States for better or worst they all helped to build it. Something that people seems to be forgetting. 

There where people looking for their family members on the registry or commenting on how their great grandfather/mother got to US and lots of great stories. I think it is a good place to go and talk to your kids about the real freedom that US still profess so fervently. That place symbolizes the so called American dream -ok no- IT is THE REAL American dream. Anyways amazing place full of emotions. it is sad to know that many people that where born and raised there have NEVER been there and take it for granted as just a tourist attraction. Reason why I think values have changed so much. 

Ok enough with the talking... enjoy the photos. Yey!