Radio City Music Hall

You have to go to Radio City they said. So i went and saw ZARKANA... from Cirque du Soleil. I think they are doing their last shows cause they are leaving NYC to move to another city/state. Anyways what can be said about Radio City Music Hall that we don't know. LOL! The place haves hsitory it is amazing no need for introduction. And yes at least once in your lifetime do go and watch a show there. I actually loved the building inside and out. I got this feeling I was back in the 1920-40 with all the decorations and lights. The bathrooms where kept like time have not passed by. A fusion with modern and old. yes loved it. 

Zarkana was amazing. I mean it is Cirque du Soleil.  Obviously I couldn't take photos of the show but it was Impressive show music and performances. Breath taking honestly. The Hall itself is gorgeous again it gives you this old vibe. Too pretty. After the show ended we walked around the streets. 

6th Ave was CLOSED they had like thousands of stands of food, clothing, music, cellphone covers, kebabs, purses, jewelry... everything on one place on the street. I had a lamb kebab with pitta bread from a Greek stand and drank plenty of Bubble Tea from various stands. My family had corn on the cob from other food stand. We asked the a female cop what was happening and she told us that they have been doing that for quite some times on different streets on the weekend. So if you live in NYC check that out.