Grand Central Station

Yes. Grand Central Station is a "hidden" gem on New York. You can actually spend the whole day there without going outside. You will find so many stores and things to do there that it is quite impressive. I have been here before but I never spent so much time on the station like I did this time. The food is AWESOME and the shops are worth to visit one by one. So if you have time DO go around the station NOT just get there and go out to the street. SPEND time inside the station. There is even an Apple store there so yes. You can do lots of stuff there. It is another world. I loved it. They sell this cupcakes on one of the food stands that are amazing the name of the place is Magnolia Bakery. Anyways if you are not into shopping or eating just walk around the station the place itself is gorgeous.


  1. It's nice to revisit a sound place--here to stay--with a unique personality. Great photos and in-a-nutshell review.

  2. Ese magnolia bakery es el de sex and the city, recuerdo que mi hermana me llevo al bakery donde filmaban muchas escenas de la serie, y aunque no soy dulcero si, son bien buenos.

    1. Ni idea que tenia que ver con eso LOL!. Posiblemente sea una "sucursal" LOL! Pero son muy buenos al menos el de chocolate lo era.


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