Slip Away

Slip Away is the 5th album of Nell. Nell is a Korean Indie group that I found out I don't even remember how but I am so grateful I did. I have posted about them before on the blog. Anyways they released this new album last month on April 12 I think. I downloaded the album but I didn't listen to the whole 10 songs until tonight.  This group is very loved and cherished in Korea. They are back after a 4 years hiatus. This 5th album is a brand new masterpiece. A total roller coaster of emotions that I just get in and let everything go. 

I found myself in love with at least 5 of the 10 songs but the whole album is awesome musically speaking. Sounds lyrics everything is on spot. As always Nell haves all this dramatic and sad effect and story to tell. They really know what it feels to be heartbroken and empty. All in a good way cause this is what works for them No cheesy songs just heart breaking and agonizing pain that will bring you down to your knees while crying and reflecting on your life. Sounds depressing I know but it is magically and gorgeously depressing. I am into all this stuff so yeah it hits me in all the right places.

It haves two songs in english Beautiful Stranger and Losing Control which are my favorites not because they are in english but because they are really good and meaningful. My other favorite songs are The day before (the video is awesome too), Standing on the rain and Slip Away which is the title song.

I totally recommend you that you buy this masterpiece of album. Do whatever you have to do but you SHOULD consider adding this to your music collection even when you don't understand the rest of the songs I am sure your heart will feel the whole album. If you want to know more about the group you should visit this page.