HighCut Magazine Korea

My HighCut Magazine collection so far. Very happy about this. I'm looking forward to get more of this magazines. It is kind of insane to pay around 10$ dollars to have this when they are actually less than 1$ (500won) Still there is no other way to get them so Ebay will become your best friend. Why I buy them? Cause I like them. They photography is always awesome. The concepts are different and it up to date to what is going on on the fashion and styles some more provocative others conservative and fun.

The first one from left to right is from last year -April 2011- is a double sided issue on one side it haves Song Joong Ki (the guy with red shirt) and on the other side it haves Yoo Ah In (shown below... the guy stading on the side alone). The Second one is Yoo Ah In again with Hyuna from girl group 4Minute (April 2012) and the last one is G Dragon from boy group Big Bang (March 2012).