Friday, May 11, 2012


So I went downstairs to look up for water and my family was watching a movie on HBO. I didn't knew what movie it was but while I was using the printer I actually got to pay attention to it and asked the name it seemed interesting. I started laughing because of the situation of the moment cause some of us have been there. 

The movie is named Catfish. It is about this guy that starts receiving paintings from a 8yr old girl named Abby. He ends up talking to the whole family and friends (Abby's family) via facebook. He gets to know Abby's older sister named Megan and he starts falling for Megan and keep a relationship over the internet since both live FAR away.  I saw until that point and it got me all interested.

So I went upstairs to actually watch the rest. I don't know when it happen but he founds out some of the stuff Abby's family is sharing with him doesn't match so he starts tying knots. Then it gets a whole more interesting. I wont tell you anything else cause I would be a waste if you want to see the movie.

I found the movie really interesting and that is why I am writing this here. Even if it is fake or scripted (which I don't think it is but who knows cause there are some rumors about it) I actually don't care cause this things really happen. It wouldn't be the first or last. It also makes you think about what you share or post on the internet. Sometimes we share personal stories we people we don't even know just because we feel that we connected. There are many reasons to do so but still we should always be careful. I am grateful that most of the people I have met are good people that because real friends. Anyways watch it. You can find some info on the movie here and here.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Review: Alright and Slip Away

So last night before going to bed I listened to Aziatix and Nell albums. Both are so great. Totally different moods YES. If you have not heard any of this groups before eyou should start paying attention to them cause you hare missing out on AWESOME well done REAL music with feelings and the compositions lyrics are amazing.

Aziatix's Awakening all in english so you wont have language barrier problem. Aziatix is an R&B group. Keeps you moving from songs 1-4 then you hit History it slows you down at a good pace and gives you a feeling that you have to let something go... then Lights pumps you up again. Flowsik is all over the place very strong on this album. For me is the center of it. Just like on the CD cover. Eddie Shin and Nicky Lee are complementing Flowsik aggressiveness and I like that a lot. This is the good thing from Aziatix they all have their skills and show them off well no one over powers it but on this album I think that Flowsik got to show off more.
Aziatix - Alright

Nell's Slip Away is another story. It is totally the contrary of Aziatix. Nell is a korean rock band (indie rock band). They set up a  melodramatic mood from beginning to end of this 10 songs album. Therefore you should be ready for the emotional roller coaster. If you have listen to Nell before you will be ready. All the songs even when they are mostly in korean (there are only two songs in full english Beautiful Stranger and Losing Control) you will fall deep into the emotional hole they are digging for you during the whole album. But don't worry the fall wont hurt that much. Since it is in korean you should look up the songs translated to english so you can get a better idea of what they are singing about and understand the whole story behind each song.
넬(Nell) - Beautiful Stranger

Friday, May 04, 2012

Frankenweenie is ALIVE

Went to the movie theater to se The Avengers... which by the way is the best super hero movie done to date. Before the movie started I was walking towards the ladies room when I saw this poster.

My heart was in shock. I couldn't believe it. I finally saw the poster for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. You have no idea how many years this have been a project and now it is a reality. I actually posted about this on this blog back in 2007. So yes I was really really impressed with this. Frankenweenie is one of the Tim Burton's babies. It is a movie he shot over two decades ago. Back in 2007 when they announced that Tim Burton was going to make Alice in Wonderland they also informed about this movie but since I never heard/read about it again I believe it was all On Hold again. 

Frankenweenie could become this generations The Nightmare Before Christmas since it they are using the stop motion as they also did for The Corpse Bride. The fan in me went actually crazy and I can't wait for the movie to be out and go to the movies and watch it. Still I have to wait. But for me it will be so worth it. I have high hopes for this movie even when people will say a lot of things I know that this will be GRAND. This movie means a lot to Tim since he have been waiting for ages to do this they way it should have been done on the beginning. At least October is just "around" the corner. I'm so looking forward to this. About freaking time this movie deserves attention and recognition.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The $119.9 Million Scream

Edvard Munch's The Scream sells for record $119.9 million at Sotheby's auction. Starting bid price tag was $50 million. The bid lasted 12 minutes and it made history. This is the most expensive art piece in history and it is just 1 of the remaining 4 of the series. The owner said he would help build a museum and some other stuff on Norway so in the end it is all good. Read the full story here.

Still $119.9 million is like a lot of money and it makes you wonder Who the HELL bought the painting? If he/she can waste/spend that amount of money I am sure they can do a lot more for the Arts than buying and keeping safe masterpieces which is good but what is the use of keeping all this if the future generations wont even bother in knowing about them.

This have always been one of my favorites paintings and it made me happy to read this news cause there is still people that enjoy it no matter what the meaning or purpose of owning one of this is... I think it is great that people are still up to pay huge amounts of money. It also makes me wonder if the artist knew how much their pains and agonies of those days are worth it now. This artists most of them had like REALLY troubled lives and we are just here sitting enjoying their pain while we somehow relate to their suffering. We embrace that suffering when we go to the museum and try to figure out this kind of paintings. 

Slip Away

Slip Away is the 5th album of Nell. Nell is a Korean Indie group that I found out I don't even remember how but I am so grateful I did. I have posted about them before on the blog. Anyways they released this new album last month on April 12 I think. I downloaded the album but I didn't listen to the whole 10 songs until tonight.  This group is very loved and cherished in Korea. They are back after a 4 years hiatus. This 5th album is a brand new masterpiece. A total roller coaster of emotions that I just get in and let everything go. 

I found myself in love with at least 5 of the 10 songs but the whole album is awesome musically speaking. Sounds lyrics everything is on spot. As always Nell haves all this dramatic and sad effect and story to tell. They really know what it feels to be heartbroken and empty. All in a good way cause this is what works for them No cheesy songs just heart breaking and agonizing pain that will bring you down to your knees while crying and reflecting on your life. Sounds depressing I know but it is magically and gorgeously depressing. I am into all this stuff so yeah it hits me in all the right places.

It haves two songs in english Beautiful Stranger and Losing Control which are my favorites not because they are in english but because they are really good and meaningful. My other favorite songs are The day before (the video is awesome too), Standing on the rain and Slip Away which is the title song.

I totally recommend you that you buy this masterpiece of album. Do whatever you have to do but you SHOULD consider adding this to your music collection even when you don't understand the rest of the songs I am sure your heart will feel the whole album. If you want to know more about the group you should visit this page.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A seongmul from my Korean chingu.

Yeah! I got the gift (seongmul 성물) from my friend (chingu 친구) in Korea. Her grandma sent me this as a gift. I was so surprised and happy. I originally planned on putting this photos on my wall but they are double sided photo cards. If I do that one of the sides will get totally ruined so there is NO way I'll continue with my plan. I will just put it on my the box with the rest of my KPop collectibles. They are all so pretty. I took a photo of both sides. This photos  are from their second mini album IT B1A4 along with the magazines photos for ELLE Girl and Vogue Girl.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

HighCut Magazine Korea

My HighCut Magazine collection so far. Very happy about this. I'm looking forward to get more of this magazines. It is kind of insane to pay around 10$ dollars to have this when they are actually less than 1$ (500won) Still there is no other way to get them so Ebay will become your best friend. Why I buy them? Cause I like them. They photography is always awesome. The concepts are different and it up to date to what is going on on the fashion and styles some more provocative others conservative and fun.

The first one from left to right is from last year -April 2011- is a double sided issue on one side it haves Song Joong Ki (the guy with red shirt) and on the other side it haves Yoo Ah In (shown below... the guy stading on the side alone). The Second one is Yoo Ah In again with Hyuna from girl group 4Minute (April 2012) and the last one is G Dragon from boy group Big Bang (March 2012).

The Day Before

Been listening to Nell's new album Slip Away. Actually to this song from that album. I have the rest of the album but I haven't listen it completely. Shame on me. I know it is good I don't doubt that but I will give it a break this week. Below is the gorgeous video. Also the lyrics in english are on the video and well written below too. I hope you like it as much as I do.

At first, it was really hard
I couldn't acknowledge it so it was torturous
But after I accepted it
Now it's just so sad
Actually, it's like this -
what use is it to hold onto something that is scattering?
Only the heart will hurt more
But I wonder,
what is the purpose of living like this?

At first, I hated you a lot
I cried a lot too
But after being like that for a while,
I wondered what in the world I was doing

Actually, it's like this -
what use is it to hold onto something that is scattering?
Only the heart will hurt more
But again I wonder,
what is the purpose of living like this?

I wonder if we're sometimes standing in the same memory
I wonder if sometimes, time has stopped for you too

How about this break up? Is it withstandable?
Was the pain a bit less since you were ready?

How about love? Is it doable again?
Actually, I'm like this -- I'm just afraid

This is all that I can say

Thinking hard about it alone, the words that let you go
It won't ever reach you -- the words that let you go.

cheoeumen manhido himdeureotji
injeonghal su eobseo goerowotji
hajiman badadeurigo nani,
ijen geuge neomu seulpeun geoji
sasireun geurae.
heuteo jineunde butjaba mwohae
maeumman deo apeuge
geunde ireoke sarajineun ge
eotteon uimiga itneun geonga sipginhae

cheoeumen wonmangdo manhi haetji.
ulgido cham manhi ureosseotji
geunde gyesog geureoke itda boni
ige mwohaneun jisinga sipeun geoji

sasireun geurae.
heuteo jineunde butjaba mwohae
maeumman deo apeuge
geunde ireoke sarajineun ge
tto eotteon uimiga itneun geonga sipginhae

gakkeumssigeun gateun gieog soge seoitneunji
neoui sigan yeogsi ttaeron meomchwo beorineunji

ibyeoreun eottae. gyeondyeojil manhae
junbihan mankeum eotteon apeumdo deol hae?

sarangeun eottae. dasi hal manhae
sasil nan geurae. geujeo duryeobgiman hae

This is all that I can say

honja doenoe eoboneun neol bonaeneun geu mal
neoegen dahji anheul neol bonaeneun geu mal


It's been a LONG time since I posted something here. I have been doing nothing yet I do not make the time to come here and post something. I am a bad blogger. I remember when I used to post around 4 posts a day. But that is now ancient history waiting to be discovered. 

I don't read the newspaper. I don't watch TV either I only spend my days on the internet looking for random and not so important things that I think it is not even worth it to post here. Therefore I do not post anything here as you can see.

By this time last year I was living in US on the house of an uncle. I actually enjoy those days. Sigh. Anyways nothing to inform here. I still have my cat. I still love her to pieces. I am still in love with South Korea. I do not take photos that often like I used to. I don't draw anything. I do have some new friends that share the love for Korea and its music with me. 

I will try to post a lot of the photos I have take with my new cellphone which OMG the photos come out so awesome it is quite impressive. I also have to brag about all the stuff I have been acquiring from Korea as magazines and stuff. I am still in love with B1A4 but also fell in love with other new groups that debuted this year. So I might add some info on that later. Not sure.

I think thats all for now and I will try to use my cellphone to post stuff since that is one of the main reasons why I wanted a new phone. Blah. See you around.


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