Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out of this Galaxy...

After three long years I finally got a new phone last week. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch. Such a long name... anyways the phone is awesome. I have and iPod that I could't live with out it cause my actual phone the HTC Touch was to outdated for now days social and internet needs. It was great for two years ago but now days it is all about geo-tagging taking photos, sharing media and been all fast. I couldn't do that with my old phone. 

Its been a week with it and I've to tell you that it was so worth it to spend the money on this. The camera is awesome it haves 8MP on the back and 2MP on the front also a blinding flash. The videos look so freaking awesome cause the resolution is pretty amazing. The widgets are all cool. It doesnt come with a all the kéyboards like the Apple but i already fixed that issue. The apps I actually have the ones I NEED. I can do video call via google. Already tried it with a friend and it worked. LOL!
The music I upload only the ones I want for now until I get a 32g card. I'm using my old 4g on it for now. Works like a charm. Still I am not even sure if I should get the card cause I want to use my iPod it only haves a year. I hardly ever touch the iPod now... I actually use it just for the music now and take pictures to upload to instagram cause I can do that from the Galaxy yet. 

Other thing that I love is that everything is big on the screen the letters numbers and everything is so good to my eyes. I felt I was going blind with the HTC. Now I don't have that problem. The battery life lasts a lot too it is quite impressive. I also can put all my oppas on the screen on a slide show I also have my cat there... lol! Anyways overall it was a great buy. I know this isn''t a techy enough review but more a user review.

Unpacking: B1A4 First Photobook Special Private Edition

Unpacking B1A4 mini albums.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Everything Gifts.

My Birthday was last month but I got nothing. LOL! As you get older the gifts kind of stop getting real. So since I knew that I wouldn't get gifts I went to Ebay and got B1A4 mini albums and bought them. I got the Lets Fly which is their debut mini album and It's B1A4. Both have photo books included with the albums. They also come with one card each. I got Baro's signed card and JinYoung card. Yes! Still I wish it was Shinwoo card. but it is all good anyways.

On saturday the mail man left this BOX in my house and guess what....
Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and Three Kings Day for me. I am still waiting for the  B1A4 First Photo Book Private Special Edition that is on its way. You will know when it gets here. BELIEVE ME!

I have to say this its been a LONG time since I was this emotional about buying an album of any kind of music. So this is kind of big for me. I noticed a huge difference. This orders was around $35 US incluuding shipping. Both albums came with photobooks (around 100 pages) each the prices where awesome and yet I have to say or wonder why it is it that buying a CD over here is so expensive sometimes. I mean the whole thing was well designed collectors piece and most of this Kpop merchandise come this way. They give you a lot of stuff for a quite good price. Sometimes you have to pay a little more since you are not buying it on the actual page cause sometimes you just can't buy it there cause you are not from South Korea. But thats another story. 

Anyways I am really happy that I got them I open both of them smelled them took this pictures and back to the box they went. this are collectibles so they wont see the sunlight or a cd player/computer EVER.

Let's Fly (1st Mini Album)
It B1A4 (2nd Mini Album)

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Music in 2011

I think that in all the years this blog have been open I never made a music list. So they say there is always a first time for everything and I think this is the situation with this post. I am gonna try and make a top 10 list of artists for this past year 2011.

Again I had some korean influence so yeah they will be included here but do not worry I shall add you a video with lyrics. Whatever. Yes there will be songs in english too... I think. Even if  the song wasn't released this year it might make the list. If I found it this year it will make my 2011 list.

Side Note: I've to say this the 6 months I spent on US made me fall more in love with Korean music 'cause I didn't had access to my regular radio stations. Back in Florida they play mostly country music or I just don't like the way radio stations work there. I am used to the local radio stations and the US middle Florida stations both are very... very different. It was easier for me to check to check youtube or download Korean music and get used to it than listen to the radio stations there.

This where the most played on my iPod this past year. Open your mind and just enjoy the music.
Anyways lets get this started.


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