Friday, December 30, 2011

Words You Shouldn't Believe

I am gonna leave this song here. If I ever go to South Korean... and this band 넬(Nell) is performing I would LOVE to see them play this song LIVE. It is quite amazing. The arrangements are so good. They even made a softer version on Lets Take a Walk you can listen to it here. I have to admit that I fell in love with them thanks to this version of the song. But overall they are really really good. The Trace is a 2 disc DVD from their concert Stay back in 2008.

넬(Nell) - 믿어선 안될 말(Words You Shouldn't Believe)

널 언제나 사랑해 난, ~ I'll always love you,
널 언제나 생각해 난, ~ I'll always think of you,
널 언제나 기억해 난, ~ I'll always remember you,
널 언제나 기다려 난, ~ I'll always wait for you,

널 언제나 기억해 난, ~ I'll always remember you,
널 언제나 기억해 난, ~ I'll always remember you,
난 영원히 기다려 널, ~ I'll wait for you forever,
난 영원히 지킬께 널, ~ I'll protect you forever,

거울속에 비친난 ~ My reflection in the mirror
더러워진 기간과 ~ The time that was sullied
투명한 그 눈물의 ~ That translucent tear
사이쯤에 있어 ~ Is in between
까맣게 타버린 난 ~ Me, who've been burned black
그어진 내 진실과 ~ My darkened truth
그만큼 더 아팠던 ~ The pain that hurt so much
믿음속에 있어 ~ It's in my beliefs

 믿어선 안될말 ~ Words that shouldn't be believed
믿듬면 아픈말 ~ Words that hurt when believed
믿고 싶개지만 ~ You may want to believe
그래선 안될말... ~ Words that shouldn't be believed

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