Happy New Year 2012

I am thankful for many things this year 2011
  • I’m still alive… even when sometimes feels like a burden there are days I am happy that I am alive…
  • I still have my family & friends.
  • I fell in love with South Korea, Kdramas, Kpop and the whole Hallyu Wave makes sense to me now.
  • I have discovered a new world and made new friends thanks to what I mentioned above.
  • I spent 6 months in US and discovered that no matter where you go even in the hardest day there is now place like HOME! I never got home sick but I did compared a lot of things and yes there is no place like HOME.
  • I’m thankful for you… yes you dear follower. Thank you for been here supporting and reading.
  • Last but not least. I am a happy BANA.
To you I wish the best this new year. That you get the enough strength to overcome all your hardships and make it to your goals. Lots of blessings and looking forward to what this new year brings for us.

Lots of blessing for you on this new year.
2012 Bring it ON! I am ready.