CNU B1A4 (wallpaper)

Lately I've been inspired by this kid name CNU. He is only 20 and I find him so adorable and cute. The whole group (B1A4) is cute. I am fangirling really bad with this dongsaengs. Anyways saw this picture on the internet and loved it. As a proud BANA... (name for their fandom) I said omo shin dongwoo oppa looks awesome there I could make a wallpaper. Now here it is. I hope you Banas enjoy it. B1A4 Lets Fly!

Yes I even added the airplanes. A true Bana will understand this. Ne!

I did a series of drawings for example the ribbons, headers, the writing on the right with his name and the airplanes I drew all that then went to magical photoshop.
You can download the 1280x800 wallpaper from here.


  1. Woah just came by this by chance when I was searching up some pictures of CNU kekeke but I must say that this is a pretty good wallpaper that you have created > <"

    But can I ask you something? What software did you use to create this wallpaper? can you please tell??

    CNU biased heh heh ^________________^"

  2. @Ahyumi
    LOL! Thanks glad you liked it. I used glorious photoshop. And yes totally ShinWoo biased. But all the group is growing in me really bad. I love them all. There is another B1A4 wallpaper here. Same concept but for the whole group. :D

  3. Sorry had to remove that I wasn't done typing heh heh.

    but woah thanks.

    I know aye, I just love them all. gyaaa.

    Buts what's the connection between airplanes and b1a4? caused you typed.
    "Yes I even added the airplanes. A true Bana will understand this. Ne!"

    I was like a true BANA will know!!?? O.M.Gee I don't know!! *walks to a corner* so can you please explain? thank you and sorry if I'm kinda bothering you. heh heh ^ ^;

    Thanks again.

  4. @Ahyumi
    LOL! I shall explain. On the video of Beautiful Target CNU/ShinWoo is a pilot... and he shows up "flying" a plane. Which I personally think is also a reference or reminder to Let's Fly their first mini album.

  5. Oh I see. It does makes sense now.

    Thanks for answering all my questions.

    - your BANA chingu~

  6. @Ahyumi
    No Problem... thank you for asking.

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