2012 Calendar

For a long time I've been trying to make a calendar. The other day I sat down and draw some stuff but couldn't do anything cause I didn't had the right stuff to do it (photoshop). Now that have been solved so here it is. 2012 single page calendar. I hope you guys like it. 

Actually Puerto Rico doesn't have four seasons cause we only have hot, extremely hot or rain all day seasons. Since sometimes I long for all the seasons... I added all the seasons on the bottom. Yey!

Since all you know that I am on the South Korean trip I made available in English and English/Korean too. So go to the links provided and download them. They are HUGE it is not suppose to look bad. Also you see the link there reavel.tumblr.com is shorter than the one here so I will use that one and I will also post this there. In case you are wondering. ENJOY! comments are welcome and if you feel like donating well thanks in advance if you do.