Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

I am thankful for many things this year 2011
  • I’m still alive… even when sometimes feels like a burden there are days I am happy that I am alive…
  • I still have my family & friends.
  • I fell in love with South Korea, Kdramas, Kpop and the whole Hallyu Wave makes sense to me now.
  • I have discovered a new world and made new friends thanks to what I mentioned above.
  • I spent 6 months in US and discovered that no matter where you go even in the hardest day there is now place like HOME! I never got home sick but I did compared a lot of things and yes there is no place like HOME.
  • I’m thankful for you… yes you dear follower. Thank you for been here supporting and reading.
  • Last but not least. I am a happy BANA.
To you I wish the best this new year. That you get the enough strength to overcome all your hardships and make it to your goals. Lots of blessings and looking forward to what this new year brings for us.

Lots of blessing for you on this new year.
2012 Bring it ON! I am ready.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Words You Shouldn't Believe

I am gonna leave this song here. If I ever go to South Korean... and this band 넬(Nell) is performing I would LOVE to see them play this song LIVE. It is quite amazing. The arrangements are so good. They even made a softer version on Lets Take a Walk you can listen to it here. I have to admit that I fell in love with them thanks to this version of the song. But overall they are really really good. The Trace is a 2 disc DVD from their concert Stay back in 2008.

넬(Nell) - 믿어선 안될 말(Words You Shouldn't Believe)

널 언제나 사랑해 난, ~ I'll always love you,
널 언제나 생각해 난, ~ I'll always think of you,
널 언제나 기억해 난, ~ I'll always remember you,
널 언제나 기다려 난, ~ I'll always wait for you,

널 언제나 기억해 난, ~ I'll always remember you,
널 언제나 기억해 난, ~ I'll always remember you,
난 영원히 기다려 널, ~ I'll wait for you forever,
난 영원히 지킬께 널, ~ I'll protect you forever,

거울속에 비친난 ~ My reflection in the mirror
더러워진 기간과 ~ The time that was sullied
투명한 그 눈물의 ~ That translucent tear
사이쯤에 있어 ~ Is in between
까맣게 타버린 난 ~ Me, who've been burned black
그어진 내 진실과 ~ My darkened truth
그만큼 더 아팠던 ~ The pain that hurt so much
믿음속에 있어 ~ It's in my beliefs

 믿어선 안될말 ~ Words that shouldn't be believed
믿듬면 아픈말 ~ Words that hurt when believed
믿고 싶개지만 ~ You may want to believe
그래선 안될말... ~ Words that shouldn't be believed

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The KPop Fandom

I found this article related to KPop fandoms and I have to admit it should be called 101 or Intro to KPop Fandom. The 10 Reasons the autor talk about are all true. In the year that I have been engaged on this KPop relationship the only reason I have not experienced yet... but I am looking forward to at least see... is number 9 the fanchants. Other thing I would love to do as part of the kpop  fandom is obviously attend one of any of my favorite groups concert to see and be part of this and this... then cry my heart out while doing it. About reason number 10 I have not experienced the "a member of a group leaves or a group splits up" -at least of a group that I cared about- but I did went thru the whole "my bia is going to the military for 2yrs" thing. It is so bad and dramatic. You have no idea.

It is true that you won't find this in any other fandom. There is not ONE like it. KPop takes all the awards of best and worst fandom. Believe me. Bitches be crazy sometimes.

Anyways I will just copy paste the whole thing here. Make sure you watch the videos so you can get a real idea of what they talk about. It can be see is something funny or something scary.

by Victoria Huynh on Thursday, June 2, 2011 9:00PM

If you’ve just recently stepped into the Kpop world, then you’ve probably noticed the Kpop fandom is definitely not like the rest you see when it comes to American music. We are a different species compared to the teeny boppers out there, we’re special. There are a lot of us in this fandom and I’m sure we all got into it one way or another, whether it be by your friend showing you a picture of the hottest Korean guy in the world, hearing a Kpop song on a random website, or accidentally clicking on a Youtube video that changed your life forever. Here are my 10 reasons why being in the Kpop fandom is a unique world compared to the rest.
1.The first thing you might notice is that not everyone in the fandom is Korean. In fact, there are fan girls of almost every single race in the world. And no, not everyone understands Korean either. Some people ask why we listen to it even when we don’t understand it and think it’s weird, and here’s how we answer it: We shrug a little and say, “Because it sounds nice.” And this is why we love subtitles.
2. There’s a must-know key word in our dictionary that’s commonly used, it is the word Spazz. Fangirls in this world love to spazz. We like to discuss about our idols on forums, news portals, and just about anywhere we can. Spazzing can include screaming “Oh my god! Did you hear about…” a lot, flinging your arms around and jumping up and down while talking non-stop about your idol, nose bleeding, squealing, and having everyone around you think you’re crazy.
3. In the fandom, there are a lot of fan bases. We like to identify ourselves with names to represent our groups. Common ones are Cassies, VIPs, Shawols, Hottests, ELF, Sones, B2uty, and much, much more. However, names are not enough. Groups also have colors! I mean, how else are you going to represent yourself at a concert? Cassies are red, ELFs are sapphire blue, Sones are pink, and so on. Just make sure you pick the right color for your lightstick, balloon, and banner, and you’re all set for a concert!

4. When a group makes a comeback, a term that is also commonly used in Kpop even though they didn’t really go anywhere, fangirls are superior when it comes to finding out when a new teaser and music video will be released. We have a tendency to stay up until 3AM in the morning just to wait for it to be released. As you can tell, we are not patient enough to wait until the next day. And of course, when you’re done watching it, you’ll look like this:

And nope, we don’t just watch it once, we intend to kill the replay button.
5. When something big like that happens, beware because that’s when fangirls can pretty much crash and take over a lot of websites. We can hyperventilate and get super excited and all click on the same website at once to watch whatever new has been released or start trending something on Twitter. Oh, trust me, we can get something to trend #1 worldwide pretty quickly. We also have a habit of checking Kpop news sites every five minutes.

6. All the fans in the fandom are married, even if they’re underage, and no official ceremony took place, they’re still married. And better yet, they always have more than one husband. Many fan girls consider their favorite idols as their boyfriend, hubby, and absolute soulmate. If you ask a Kpopper “Who’s that guy on your desktop wallpaper,” most likely, the answer will be, “My husband.” The marriage may be fake, but the love for our idols is always true.
7. And when someone disses our idols, we automatically if not out-loud, then inside our mind, we go “OH NO YOU DID-INT.” *Z-Snap* If our idols get called gay or stupid, we’ll defend them with all our hearts. How many of you have ever said something along the lines of this? “WELL, just because some of them have long hair and flawless skin, IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE GIRLS! In fact, I think you’re just jealous.”
8. If an item has our biases’ or group’s name on it we’ll buy it. We absolutely love any Kpop merchandise with our idols’ faces on it. Cds, posters, lanyards, tshirts, socks, you name it, we love it. And when the order comes in the mail, mail men probably are terrified of fan girls the most. Why? Because we like to scream, squeal, and attack the delivery person for our package.

9. Fanchants. Where do you find fanchants anywhere else besides Kpop? Nowhere. Fans take time to learn it, make sure it’s on beat, and they even take energy to shout them as loud as they can. Idols actually feel very touched when they hear them. 

10. For us, the end of the world is not 2012, not Judgement day or any other ‘the world is going to blow up’ day. It’s more of when a member of a group leaves or a group splits up. That’s our definition of an apocalypse for you. Or even sometimes, when an idol announces he has a girlfriend. Kpop idols actually have the ability to make fans cry, whether it’s because of something tragic or because a group won Music Bank for the first time. No worries though, we all eventually move on at one point. An example of that would be Jay leaving Korea.

Even though Kpoppers can seem a bit crazy at times or maybe even too obsessed, it’s only because we truly love the music, hot guys, pretty girls, and the great fun Kpop has to offer.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I just found this amazing video. The song is called Butterfly. The artist is G Dragon from KPop group Big Bang
Even when it is kpop what I really like is the video. Animated video that just had me at the bigining. even when he is the one singing he isn't the important thing on the video is the girl and the issue that he is showing her a new world. Now what fascinates me is the that the video is pretty much a fantasy land alice in wonderland style mixed with modern stuff. You see a gorgeous flying phoenix then she is riding an unicorn. Ah too perfect too colorful the way I like it. Great music video. I can see this will be one of my all time favorites from the KPop industry just because of the animation. It is art.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

B1A4 The Sprouts

The whole group (B1A4) is cute. I am fangirling really bad with this dongsaengs. They have this Sprout Dance that is so awesome!. Such dorks. This have become their trademark dance. I tried to find a decent photo of them while doing the sprout pose but that did't happen. Still as a proud BANA... (name for their fandom) I tried to make a cool wallpaper.
Now here it is. I hope you Banas enjoy it. B1A4 Lets Fly! Please do watch the video. XD

You can download the 1280x800 wallpaper from here.

Monday, December 05, 2011

CNU B1A4 (wallpaper)

Lately I've been inspired by this kid name CNU. He is only 20 and I find him so adorable and cute. The whole group (B1A4) is cute. I am fangirling really bad with this dongsaengs. Anyways saw this picture on the internet and loved it. As a proud BANA... (name for their fandom) I said omo shin dongwoo oppa looks awesome there I could make a wallpaper. Now here it is. I hope you Banas enjoy it. B1A4 Lets Fly!

Yes I even added the airplanes. A true Bana will understand this. Ne!

I did a series of drawings for example the ribbons, headers, the writing on the right with his name and the airplanes I drew all that then went to magical photoshop.
You can download the 1280x800 wallpaper from here.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

2012 Calendar

For a long time I've been trying to make a calendar. The other day I sat down and draw some stuff but couldn't do anything cause I didn't had the right stuff to do it (photoshop). Now that have been solved so here it is. 2012 single page calendar. I hope you guys like it. 

Actually Puerto Rico doesn't have four seasons cause we only have hot, extremely hot or rain all day seasons. Since sometimes I long for all the seasons... I added all the seasons on the bottom. Yey!

Since all you know that I am on the South Korean trip I made available in English and English/Korean too. So go to the links provided and download them. They are HUGE it is not suppose to look bad. Also you see the link there is shorter than the one here so I will use that one and I will also post this there. In case you are wondering. ENJOY! comments are welcome and if you feel like donating well thanks in advance if you do.


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