Thursday, October 20, 2011

South Korea a Nation to Watch

South Korea a Nation to Watch is a special from History Channel. I found it thanks somebody else on youtube. If you have no idea of why South Korea is getting all this attention lately you should watch it and you might learn a few things. I know I did. It made me like the country even more. I admire their nationalism and the way they work so hard together for the good of the country. They have been through a lot of things as nation.

I think the tagline they are using on History Channel website for this complete video says it all.
"See how South Korea transformed into the economic miracle, its place in Asia today, and why it is seen by many to be a nation at ‘the centre of the world’."
South Korea a Nation to Watch is 47min long. Since the whole thing is composed by 4 videos I made a playlist so you can watch them all in one place. I hope you enjoy it as I did.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back Home.

So Yes I am back home sooner than expected but quite ok about it. I was planning on getting here by December but well had to make a few changes. I am still quite tired from all walking I did the days before getting here. The luggage was overweight by only one pound. That was possible thanks to  the fact that I left a few things back at my uncle's house. I spent six months on Florida and I didn't miss a lot of things besides my close family and close friends... the rest you can get it anywhere.

The best thing about all the time I spent there was that I got to know more abohut my family cause even when I see them like every year I have never spent so much time with them and I am very happy with that. Also I got to spend a lot of time with my goddaughter and even made the cupcakes for her birthday. That was really awesome. Everybody loved them. I felt like the best aunt ever. 

Anyways... I finally got to see Sondag. I missed her. Still haven't given her a shower cause she had some knots on her fur but I might to do it on the weekend. It is all back to normal between us. I have to confess that I also miss Jack a lot and wish I could have him here with me. I miss him walking around me. Such a good dog. Sondag might get jealous if she saw us together.  First thing I did was to fix my room cause it was full of cat hair all over. 

I am still watching my Korean dramas and I am still listening my Korean music and I am still in love with South Korea. Before I got here I asked for requested a Korean Tourism guide and it should be here anytime soon. I hope. I have to get back on my hangul and romanization reading.


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