Have You Ever Been In Love?

Searching on tumblr for new music as I always do. I found this other Korean Indie band called Standing Egg. They have been around since october of 2010 for what I found on the internet. The band is composed by three musicians -two are composers and one is a writer- Clover (Vocal, guitar), Han Kyul (Double bass), and Hana (Djembe). Their music goes from folk to reggae, punk to pop and even jazz with hints of bossa nova. Therefore you already know you are in for a nice smooth ride.

The song that caught my heart (and the one that everybody seems to love the most) was Have you ever been in love? The vocals and music score on this one is light to the ears but heavy on your soul as it carries you on a joy voyage of instant happiness of been in love even if you are not in love at the moment. Yes I think that describes it well. They also have covers of other artist but please do listen to their songs cause they have a lot to offer. You can find more about them including their videos on their Youtube, Facebook or on Twitter.

Other songs I enjoyed where Lalala and I'm not yours. So be sure to check them out. They are pretty loved, respected and admired back in Korea on the indie scene. I'm really happy that I keep finding great musicians besides all the Hallyu and KPop things that every body loves. By the way you will notice that this video below says "with Ra.D" Ra.D is another K-Indie/K-Pop artist but I am still tracking down his info. Heard a song but I don't have a lot to tell you about him YET!

사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 (with Ra.D) Acoustic Ver. (Have you ever been in love?)

Now this other video is a cover of this same song Have you ever been in love? but done by Kang Seung Yoon (강승윤). He is a new trainee on YG (an entertainment company in Korea). He is only 17 and is still attending high school. After watching this video I have high hopes for the kid cause he haves talent. Yes that is him singing. I am sharing this video too cause I loved his cover. This video was made as an advertisement for a clothing company but hey it works well with the video. This people know how to do stuff.


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