Dream High.... SNSD Genie cover.

I was watching Dream High a few weeks ago and for me the best part of all the series was when the kids did the cover of Girls' Generation Genie for the guy at the chicken place. Actually the song is a happy song. So it suites the occasion perfectly. The "kids" are all professional artists they all have singing careers either on boy/girl bands or as solo  artists. Dream High is a Korean drama. The song is in Korean but you can watch the original video with  subtitles in hangul/english/romanization here or read the lyrics to the song in romanization and english translation here. I'll give you a little back story on the why I find it cool.

..spoiler alert... if you have not seen Dream High...
On this scene the kids are singing a cover to Girls' Generation - 소원을 말해봐 (Tell me your wish/Genie)  to the bald guy to make him feel better and happy. Why? He was sad cause he failed his lawyer test again after studying and making many other sacrifices like leaving his family and starving in order to have a better life. After he failed the test he jumps from the roof of a building trying to commit suicide. He even fails at that cause he lands on top of a car. After he goes back to his home town and stays there to helps his dad with the chicken restaurant. Giving up on his dream of becoming a lawyer. The tall guy is his best friend and he comes up with the idea to go to his friend home town to surprise him by singing a song he loves and makes him happy.
Now that you know the back story you might understand why I love this part and why he is crying and everything. You should watch the series if you can. It is nice.