Wednesday, July 13, 2011

어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa)

Heard this indie/jazz group from South Korea. Love their voices and their music is amazing. Learned from them thanks to one of the teachers from TalkToMeInKorean site. My favorite songs so far are Always Be Mine [] and Crush [(both are all in English) and 그날에 우리 (My Love) [(which is in Korean/English). I was able to find all their albums doing some deep research on the net. If you are into REAL music and artist with soul this band is a most.

어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa) is an indie-jazz group consisting of nine members; four vocalists and five instrumentalists. Of the four vocalists, there is one female 조현아 (Jo Hyun Ah) vocal and three male vocals 권순일 (Kwon Sun Il), 박용인 (Park Young In) and 최재만 (Choi Jae Man). Urban Zakapa is one of those bands that can’t to be missed out on as they leave a lasting impression on the audience with their musical endeavors.

Urban Zakapa:  twitter (Korean)
FluxusMusic: twitter / youtube / facebook (Korean/English)

In this video is an acoustic medley version of 'My Love', 'Butterfly (Fly Away)' and 'One Spring Day' from Urban Zakapa's first album. 

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