Is South Korea that interesting?

Yes! Yes it is. I've to admit that I am in love. I fell in love with a country and its name is South Korea 한국. Where have you been all my life? I have been delaying this post for quite some time now. Honestly for months. Since last January I have been immerse in all South Korea. I started watching some dramas like most people that are on my same situation. From dramas you move to K-Pop which i am still trying to get into. I mean... I am all in for the guys but since I still don't quite understand what they are saying I can't say I totally into K-Pop. The dramas have Eng subs.. yes!

Anyways when I started watching the dramas I noticed that on many of them the subjects are "mostly" the same. But what I really loved or made me fall for the whole thing was they way they portrayed their traditions, food and culture along with the stories. That is what really caught my attention. For example: some one always dies or is already dead on the dramas therefore they do a funeral ceremony watch video and read here for more details so you get an idea. Someone always haves a birthday and they always ask if they had the seaweed soup. When someone gets married the mothers from both sided wear their traditional dresses for it. Also when they are finally boyfriend/girlfriend they guy/girl goes to the house to visit the "in-laws" which is another subject. Those "little" things caught my attention and I payed attention to that  and started googling the meaning or reason behind it.

Then you actually start talking or using their expression or understanding some words or at least try to figure out what they mean. I know I did. For example: nuna 누나 [if you are addressing your older sister and you are a male], hyeong 형 [if you are addressing your older brother and you are a male], if your brother/sister are younger than you you just call them dongsaeng 동생, your dad is abeoji 아버지 or appa 아빠 and your mother is eomoni 어머니 or eomma 엄마. An stranger is male is ajeossi 아저씨 [mr or uncle], and a stranger woman is an ajumma 아줌마 [mrs or aunt] and so on. This is just an example and you have to make sure you know who you are addressing to cause even they way you address to people have an order of formality [for your friend/family] and politeness [for strangers/older people]. I find all this interesting.

Some one asked me if Is South Korea that interesting?-I said yes. Yes it is. I started learning Korean a few months ago. Obviously I don't know a lot but now I'm using now the dramas, movies and music as learning tools. I try to understand the signs and the Hangul. I think learning Korean is easier than Japanese. It is kind of hard and no they are not just sticks and circles making strange codes. After you learn the alphabet you can get a better idea of everything. If you have never payed attention to Korean films please do so. They are great they go from love ones, to dramas, horror and all in between. You can check the movies I've watched here and the dramas I watched here.

I will probably make more posts related to this. I even started a blog on tumblr called I wanna go to South Korea where I keep information on almost everything related to well... South Korea [places to go, things to see and do, food, and so on.] South Korea like Japan haves temples and cherry blossoms always a plus for me. They are extremely advanced in the mobile and technology matter US haves nothing on them. Education is mad crazy there. Parents expend more than they can afford to make sure their kids get good grades and education so they can have great jobs when they are done with high school. Example your kid can get to school at 8am and get out from all school/learning related matters at 11pm cause they even have after school toutoring of English, math or some music instrument.

Also there are this cool places and towns that you get to see while watching the dramas/movies like Seoul, Hongdae, Incheon, Jeju Island, Daegu and Busan to name a few. Cause you see another thing that I like about the dramas is that the government is quite smart with this. They use it as a fantastic tourism tool. They show you all around the country and you end up like me in love with it. You get to see the hotels, buildings, parks, festivals, streets and practically their everyday living along the line with all the glamour they show on the drama. Also you get to see the issues they still have with Japan mostly the elders for obvious reasons. You get to learn about the military service that all males have to attend.

Now I have my bias, I know what selcas are, what OTP means, that fanservice could be a little bit awkward to most people but they find it quite amusing. I can fangirl but i could never ever compare to a real Korean fan cause they are hardcore. I hope that one day [even if it is at a Korea Town in US] I can drink some soju or makgeolli. I wonder if I will be able to handle the spiciness of their soups and kimchi full of red pepper paste. I am also an Elf, Rain's Cloud and I ship GiKwang-ssi and SiWon-ssi among other things. 

Can you tell that I am really into this subject? I think you got my point. Enjoy the video. ^^