Harry Potter... the end.

Yes. The end of an era have arrived. Harry Potter last movie came out last week. I have to admit that I was actually sad and excited at the same time. Sad because it all ends here but happy cause the end would be grand.

I got my ticket earlier because I feared that the tickets would be sold out. Perhaps I believed I was still back home and people would go all crazy about the movie but I was wrong. The movie theater was all kind of empty and I loved that. It meant I could enjoy the movie with out people bothering around mey. I also got this awesome 3D glasses shaped like Harry's glasses.  So cool! Yey!

Got there on time. Sat down and watched the previews that took forever. Then the movie started. During the movie I cried and laughed a lot. I felt like a little child. Loved the movie even when I knew some detail might be missed on it. The next days I downloaded the book cause I have mine back home in Puerto Rico. I read some of the key chapters so I could compare or well find out what they left out on the movie. The chapter 33 is a MOST read chapter cause you can really appreciate the whole Snape and Lilly relationship on the book.

I am actually in love with Harry Potter series now more than ever. You see like I have said before I've this tumblr thing and people are just posting so many things related to all the movies that it is insane... and at the same time it makes sense cause you can tie up details from different books. It is amazing. I am also looking forward to Pottermore.com. That is gonna be insane when it opens up on october. Well I hope they do open on october and that the page doesn't crash again like it did last month.

If you havent seen the movies or read the books you should. I am 32 years old now and I started like 10 years ago so I was not that young. I started the first book and I couldn't stop reading them. It is a good story you just can't deny that. You just can't. Sorry. If you have kids read the books to them. Keep the story alive. It is worth it. It is an excellent way of communicating with your kids and making them interested in reading. Their imagination will grow and develop at the same time. They will never ever forget it.  You can read my other Harry Potter posts.