4th of July

My first real independence day the USA style. In Puerto Rico we have like no issue in celebrating US Independence day so we don't do like the whole nine yards. Still that doesn't mean we don't have a great time. We do try to spend the day with the family you know it is still a holiday and most of the people don't have to work. So we take out or bbq, just go to some park, beach or something.

Now been in Sebring where there are still rednecks and all that it is quite different. You always see that in the movies the whole town gathers around some lake and do the bbq and fireworks etc. Well I finally got to experience that. Found it quite cool. I mean is not that different from what we do back home but the feeling is totally different. People with flags and enjoying the independence they gain even when now days I don't actually think of what that really means at all. Anyways I had a great time. 

I went to two different fireworks shows one on Sunday and yesterday went to another one. Both fireworks where awesome and I get to spend it with some of my family members. So it was all good. I took some photos last night and a video.



  1. I lived in USA before, but now we live in Norway. We celebrated the 4th of July, even though no other people do it over here....


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