When I'm Gone.

So yes tomorrow I’ll be leaving my home for like two months or so. I’ll be going to the states [US] and spend some time with some family members there. If I find something worth of staying longer I will do so. I’ll admit I am scared cause I never been out of my home longer than a month and even then I’e always been around my close family [meaning mom, dad, sister].

I’m just here doing shit tumblring my life away. I had a job that wasn’t ever a job in the first place but I managed with it. So this is my chance to do something else for myself. I hope that I get to have internet somehow cause I it would really suck if I didn’t. I can’t use tumblr if that happens and I need it along with other things. In case this happens I already got some good series and movies to watch and I’m also taking my color pencils with me in case I feel like creating again.

Many of my friends have no idea that I’ll be gone by tomorrow. The only ones that know are the ones I really care for so consider yourself loved. Well thats about it. I don’t think I have anything to share with you guys for now.
Looking forward to see your fantastiques posts SOON!

Both of the shops will be closed until further notice. I'll be back with some cool stuff I hope so stay tuned. Thanks for all the support here in the blog and on the art matter. I'll keep blogging here or on my tumblr. So please check that out too.


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