Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding, rash and all in between.

Updating the blog. Letting you know how is all going. I went to a wedding the other day. One of my older cousins "kid" got married at a nice place in Cocoa, Fl. It was my first time there. Yey! We stayed at a hotel nearby. I loved the bed it was awesome! Already miss it! Then a few days later we went to Olive Garden... table for 20. We had a great time even with all the drama that family gatherings bring to the table all the time.


Last but not least... I've no clue of what I ate or drank that I got all this nasty allergic reaction on my skin. The itching was totally insane went to Walgreen got some anti-itching lotion meds benadryl, advils and  prednisolone. After taking all that I finally went away. But thats not all now I have the fucking flu and my whole body is aching. Can't believe this shit. Florida you are doing it wrong. Not I need more meds for this. 


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