Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding, rash and all in between.

Updating the blog. Letting you know how is all going. I went to a wedding the other day. One of my older cousins "kid" got married at a nice place in Cocoa, Fl. It was my first time there. Yey! We stayed at a hotel nearby. I loved the bed it was awesome! Already miss it! Then a few days later we went to Olive Garden... table for 20. We had a great time even with all the drama that family gatherings bring to the table all the time.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

At the gate!

Have a great days. A new journey starts now.

When I'm Gone.

So yes tomorrow I’ll be leaving my home for like two months or so. I’ll be going to the states [US] and spend some time with some family members there. If I find something worth of staying longer I will do so. I’ll admit I am scared cause I never been out of my home longer than a month and even then I’e always been around my close family [meaning mom, dad, sister].

I’m just here doing shit tumblring my life away. I had a job that wasn’t ever a job in the first place but I managed with it. So this is my chance to do something else for myself. I hope that I get to have internet somehow cause I it would really suck if I didn’t. I can’t use tumblr if that happens and I need it along with other things. In case this happens I already got some good series and movies to watch and I’m also taking my color pencils with me in case I feel like creating again.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Viejo San Juan, PR

Today at Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
Taken with my glorious and old cellphone.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Hard disk meet floor.

Ahhh! For the past 3 months I have been downloading music, movies so I can have a decent collection of both. Last november I bought a 1 tera hard disk to accomplish this task. I already had 500g full of amazing movies and music.

So far I managed to collect many korean movies and dramas cause I am into that shit now and was very happy until 5 minutes ago that my lovely hard disk met the floor for the second time and this time it finally got ruined.
Fun fact is that I was saving and downloading the movies/dramas/series for next month since I’ll be traveling and I am not sure that I would have internet available. I wanted to be prepare and have something to watch/do. Now I have nothing. I just hope that I can buy another one tomorrow or something. I need one of those things and I have a week to gain all that I lost. Seems impossible I know.

Oh my life. BTW the other time it fell I lost all my photos, movies, music, artworks and many other things since 2007. Among the files my portfolio and all the photoshop files I had since then. Thank You!

Go Me!


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